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  1. I have a lvl 145 right now it’s not eating so it can’t be tame, and guess what, I don’t have more cannonballs, good job wildcard, all the farming I did was for nothing
  2. Bro really is this only happening to me, when I use the tp on genesis with any animal the animal Just disappears and it doesn’t appear again, it doesn’t die, it just disappears, is this only happening to me.??
  3. The game is going wrong to me it doesn’t work right, is this only happening to me?
  4. Wildcard you did it again, game has a lot of lag in console, I’ve lost animals cause of that and trust me is not my internet, you really need to upgrade the servers in console, also game keeps crashing (at least to me) and 50 prime jerky for a random chibi ? come on (my wyvern is in another server and I can’t go to that server, it’s going to die if I don’t go, you better fix it fast wildcard).
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