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  1. Whenever I try to launch a map for a dedicated server, a pop up notification about NAT Types. When I press OK, the highlighted map reverts to The Island, making selecting any other map impossible. This issue has been preventing my friends and I from playing for almost 3 months now, and ARK customer support has been exactly 0 help. If anyone has a solution/better contact for support, let me know. Thanks.
  2. I've tried both of the solutions that were suggested, I reset my modem again, I even tried it on both a different xbox and a different account. Everything gives the same NAT error. Also, I've noticed that it switches the map back to The Island whenever I click through the text box, if that means anything. Can anyone else try running a dedicated Extinction server real quick to see if it isn't just me? I'm at a loss here. lmao
  3. My roommate and I have a dedicated server running on an extra console, and we had started a dedicated Extinction session. Played fine for a few days, but one day extinction refuses to open citing some sort of network issue asking to verify NAT Type is open. Nothing about our ISP or Router settings have changed since starting the server. And I can't find any solutions online that guide me through the process. All it talks about is setting up a DMZ from my router. Wondering if there's a solution available that is simpler.
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