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  1. Life Finds a Way PvE ? Life Finds a Way Ark Eternal! ? • PvE • Clusters Maps: Rag, Val, Genesis, & Crystal Isles. ♥ [Wiped 6/23] ♥ Mods: Ark Eternal (Live Version) Ark Eternal Elemental Expansion Automated Ark 2 Structures Plus Awesome Spyglass Ultra Stacks Dino Storage v2 Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Remastered Prehistoric Structures eco's RP Decor eco's Primordial Decor eco's Garden Decor eco's Tek Decor Easy Chibi Gathering 3x Taming & Breeding 5-10x Active Admins & a fun and awesome community. Come build and amazing base,
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