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  1. What’s this 21.52GB update for on Xbox. I’m still DCing every 5 mins if not even more than before now. If this update was to fix the crashing you’ve only made it worse ????? when this is all fix you should up the rates again to compensate for all the lost time we’ve had.
  2. Wildcard has done another 21GB update I’m assuming it’s to fix the crashing on the official servers but it’s only made it worse I’m crashing even more now. It’s a joke honestly, I’m trying to imprint my gigas but it’s not going to good for ?????

    1. Donk67


      I've got babies in the cryo, waiting to raise them too, I heard from one of the guys on my server that a further update to correct things is coming today...... I'll check this evening to see if things have improved, as of that latest 21GB update you mentioned, I'm  crashing out every ten minutes..... Not good!

      Hang in there, hopefully they sort that fix out today!? ?

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