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  1. Deleted Local session! Hi! I was wondering if someone had this problem. I was playing local for weeks! Create greate structures, tamed good dinos, and had a full level engrams! Today I playing like always, when I finished, set muy computer in stand-by and go out.. when I came to play my local session, my computer was turned off.. I started it and my Epic Game Louncher asked for my account and my password.. It was weird but I set and sing in perfectly.. my library shows me my current time playing the game.. and the GB of the game.. like always.. started the game and it was like I never played before.. creating new character like first time.. I loose everything.. exist a way to get my old local session? I didn’t erase nothing on my computer... Good night :(
  2. My first death was by spino.. i stsrted game on The Island.. and de spino was in my respown.. so he killed me 3 times consecutively.. i appeared, walked 3 steps and POWN! “Killed by spino”!... that was horrible
  3. Crossplay between PS4 / EPIC GAME Hi guys! Im a new survivor in ark thanks to FREE GAME by EPIC GAME LOUCHER.. Im in love with this game since first minute gaming... I have friends without computer but they want to buy the game for PS4, can we play together? I know i can play with steam crossplay, but.. is possible the PS4 / Epic Game’s crossplay? thanks
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