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  1. Say it once, say it again. Y'all gonna give TLC 3 for prim+ or what?
  2. What about us Primitive+ peeps? I'm happy that Ark is growing but we still don't have TLC 3
  3. I feel almost the same way. I can agree with the loss and the starting over but that's simply part of the game. Nothing last forever on the Arks. Personally, I grew tired of the official servers and just regular old ark so I moved on to Primitive Plus. But Wildcard pays no attention to it at all. We still don't even have TLC 3 yet and any cries that the community has made has been dismissed or ignored. Now that Ark 2 has been announced I fear that we will never get an update on Primitive+ ever again
  4. It appears the TLC 3 for prim+ is broken for all platforms. As far as I know WC has said nothing on whether or not they will fix it
  5. Hey WC, I know y'all got a lot on your plate but can you help us primitive+ players out? I know they hear this a lot but primitive+ is pretty broken atm and I believe most of us cannot use anything from TLC 3 among other issues. Again I know they have a lot to do but there is still primitive+ players out there still playing and I think I would help a lot to hear something about fixing primitive+
  6. Yes, I would love to see a TLC for prim+ A lot of people feel same way as you right now and I personally was looking for the Mammoth TLC sense they started TLC 1. Unfortunately it seems WC he just abandoned primitive+ outright. It's been a broken game mode for awhile and I cannot recall the last time they updated primitive+. But I hold out hope they update it. It's pretty popular from what I've seen even if people say the community for it is dying
  7. I've been playing ark from the very beginning. I've seen this game & community grow over the years and it's been fantastic! I played on PC but now I only play console (PS4). Once I heard prim+ was going to be an alternate mode I haven't touched vanilla ark sense because I just love that game mode so much more than regular old tech filled ark. BUT as this community has grown the devs community as grown rarer and prim+ has gotten the raw end of it all. Y'all have already stated most of my complaints so far, but the biggest kicker for me so far was this newest update (TLC 3). Instead of
  8. Well there's always hope they updated it. As for the Mammoths, I tried everything to change it. I eventually just looked up the wiki for the Mammoths and it said at the bottom that Wildcard took away the color region. There was no real reason for it that I could find so I think it's permanent ? Thank you for explaining the chibi's though. That will definitely come I'm handy once I find one!
  9. Primitive Plus, Mammoths, and other General questions To make a very long story short, I am a long time ark player that took a year long from the game last year. I have finally returned to the game and I have a couple of questions that have been eating away at me for a while My first question is; What happened to Primitive plus? It seems more broken then usual and I cannot use the Character sliders (head shape, leg length, hand size etc). For example I joined a couple of unofficial PC servers on PS4 and the only sliders that change any was hair color, skin color and eye color. Everythin
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