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  1. Indeed, they should put it On again since it's hard to play PvP with too many days, plus, the only ones who are in the server TEST2 are actually good players and nice people. ARK definetily should put more PvP servers from 0, it's boring when you enter an advanced server because others players are only there to piss you off, hope they open the server again.
  2. Official TEST servers ARK Hello, after searching on this website, I didn't find any similar posts, and I wanted to ask here in case there is someone who knows about this. Like two days ago, I started playing with my friends an Official Server, called TEST2 (Crystal Isles, International, PVP, No alliance) It was On until it got 70 days or something like that, then, the server got down, and after hours still doesn't get On. So I wanted to know if the server is gonna get On someday like it was before going down, since they didn't tell anything about Test servers anywhere and I wanted to t
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