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  1. Didn't you wrote that there will be more bredable dinos and 2nd creature submission will be last? So you obviously can't keep your promises. Now you seem to ressurect dying game with new dinos and slightly new mechanics. Why don't you give us bug/ideas submission ?
  2. Yeassss! Thank U guys! Lets hope that servers survive! ❤️
  3. Michau

    Tek Incubator

    Hello Could you add two things into tek incubator, please? 1. Highlighting only mutated eggs that are in the incubator 2. Showing in brackets the value of stats - not only points Minor changes, but i think QoL ones
  4. 1. Change in taming: Skittish/friendly/defensive etc creatures would be passive tames only (mainly) and agressive ones - tamed by knock out? 2. Change in riding: passive tames wouldn't require saddle to ride, but for most of them saddle would be needed anyway for armor/utility purposes agressive tames would. This is idea isn't thought out through and through, but what do you think?
  5. Ok, so the plan is to re-play replayed maps to finis all on alpha anyway (;
  6. Naah, I played all story maps on Officials, now since I have less time to play I'm looking for some time savers. I'm ok with some grinding, but drops and mission loot on Gen2 were dramatically nerfed so I think there is no point in loot runs. And in top of that I'm replaying the Ark map after a map, so Gen2 is quite away from me right now (few days ago I started on the SE) it works only for recipes that you create. Tiia has good vid about it: That's how BLUEPRINTS work! - Crafting Guide - YouTube
  7. Please don't break my heart! ;] im aware that there is RNG in loot drops but are there any solid chances for repetitive high quality loot?
  8. Hello guys Since I couldn't find any solid information about where to find best quality blueprints (above 100 armor or 240%) I started this thread. Please share information about where did you find asc and mastercraft bps in ARK, but please keep in mind that we all look for the info from official servers or not boosted single player gameplays. I strongly suggest using pattern: (Item name, Map, Location, Coordinates, Game platform) Regards eM
  9. It was very naive of us to believe that you'll finally start taking us serious and give something that we want to get. Devs please tell me - if you are not Ark players how can you know better what is best for us? Why are you so stubborn? Why are you focusing on minor things while there are a lot of old bugs to fix? Years go by and nothing changes in this matter. Wthat is wrong with you?
  10. I play on SP with SP turned off, and I made gamma spider with 4 imprinted megatheriums and a yuty. (About 11k HP, 650%dmg, 44 armor saddle). Now I'm working on gathering bigger amount of megatheriums to fight some monkey and dragon - for the last one I definitely need a loot of vege cakes and a pair of daeodons. I thought about yuty, but it is bigger than theriums so If I won't be able to keep proper aggro from the dragon It will kill yuty
  11. Sooner people learn how to fly than we get this game fully finished 😅 But similar matter bothers me all the time - they constantly write in patch notes something like: fixed some exploits, and you never know how many or which ones
  12. Foliages and mesh holes in general. Why? Are you afraid your base is no more?
  13. I cannot count plenty of times RL would lower player complains about server stability or other issues like a dumping. But devs are making game for players, right?
  14. If you aren't doing something, doesn't mean everybody don't do it as well. And if there are a lot of people doing same way like me or I am minority is debatable. But the point and reasons are clear: I want to have possibility to transfer them.
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