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  1. Eel Changes

    A barley go in the water just in the south for oil. Place give me the creeps 😀
  2. Eel Changes

    There's eels in ark 🤔
  3. Encasing a greenhouse

    Wow thanks for all the replies people I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Hadn't thought about the hatch doors I shall use single player mode as suggested and try your suggestions. Sèems I was right about thinking I was over feèding with the food think a got paranoid they would die if a wasn't giving them food every time I'm on 😁 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  4. Encasing a greenhouse

    A was using dilos instead of swear words to describe the humans that are doing it 😁 not dinos doing it.
  5. Encasing a greenhouse

    So as the little dilos keep smashing my greenhouse when a forget to activate it a was thinking maybe rebuilding it then wrapping it in stone. My question will I still get the greenhouse perk if a build stone walls around the glass. And one last quick question. Do you guys feed your dinos every time that you log on even if u log daily or do you feed them in longer periods say every 5 or 6 days or so. I do it all the time but I'm spending too many hours doing housework and not taming. Thanks for reading and any input.
  6. I play solo on officials and as been said it's difficult but still possible. If you want a good official send me a pm and I'll tell you mine.
  7. Trying to post to look for tribe mates in the tribe section but can't find a new post tab/button. I posted in there ages ago is that stopping me repost and if so how do I go about sorting it Thanks Hope I'm not missing something obvious 😀
  8. Moderated Posts

    When I try and post now it says I need a moderator to approve it. Just curious as to why after over 200 posts Just to add this was in the general discussions forum
  9. Pve war?

    If you had a base in A and a battlefield to fight in B when fighting in B you can be sure someone will be sneaking in and destroying everything in A just to be a dilo
  10. flyer nerf

    They won't leave them how they are either, u can bet there will be more adjustment/improvement before release.
  11. Official wipe (been awhile)

    Ok we get it you want a wipe, u say it in post throughout the pages and I'm sure a lot of the time is so you can bump it back to top of page 1. I think you believe that in doing so you can make it happen. For everyone that wants a wipe then there is someone who doesn't, they have said in the past it won't happen and a I believe and hope they stick to their word This topic has been done to death may it rest in peace until the announce anything else 😊............ But I'm sure if it gets back to page 3 in the forums you will find some rubbish to post back and bump it 😂
  12. Official wipe (been awhile)

    If a wipe did happen then a Alpha tribe now will get straight back to being Alpha again and a year after release it will be the same thread calling for another wipe. A wipe won't happen.
  13. This game is starting to get out of hand...

    I wouldn't stress about them they will we changed again before release.
  14. flyer nerf

    That's true we all hate it on PVE takes far too long to get about the island. And you cant use land dinos as my map has a lot of tribes with a lot of areas with bases so you can't go for A to B without a big detour. Which leads to an even greater time sink. Would have been nice if they had left them alone on PVE.
  15. Going through a sad time man.

    I was going to hatch my first giga egg I have had in my fridge for ages. Sorted time for it and was about to place it in my air conditioners when a ate the bloody thing because a forgot to throw it. 😃