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  1. Now it's been two years, and still no fix. Maybe there's more to it, but this seems like it would be trivial to fix.
  2. Patched to 316.18. Fail 1, immediately after patch: All items in my transmitter on Extinction were wiped. Single player, so not cool at all. Fail 2, an hour after patch: Switched to Scorched Earth, transferred some dinos to make up for the loss. Switched back to Extinction, confirmed latest transfer was there, pulled out cryopods, then tried downloading dinos and client crashed. Restarted Extinction. Everything that was transferred is gone. Client savegame starts me before the crash, but transmitter data thinks everything is transferred. I've never ha
  3. Yup, plenty of work going into killing dinos with mesh, but not this one. Also agree this was never a problem. In fact, the first few times I accidentally turned these on and didn't know what I had done, I could relog to clear them. I only ever use these for checking range during construction. No idea why I would intentionally leave them up all the time. Don't know if WC really knows how many people are playing on SP. I didn't like the server experience, but I'm 1500+ hours in on SP in just a few months. This is the first bug I've encountered that has me thinking of moving on. W
  4. I'm running a 3900x with a 2080ti and 64GB ram. I can squeeze 70 frames at 1440 with all of my fans screaming and my legs getting toasty from all the heat. I can get 140 frames on tomb raider, so that's crazy low. My point being that even at the upper end of things, ark is still a monster. Better to settle on your hardware and then just go with whatever it can push out. One little extra spec here or there isn't going to make a lot of difference.
  5. Not sure how widespread this is, but I didn't have any troughs enabled, and I had this come up on every single trough. Have to go through and "hide" twice for each one to make it go away. Relog and it's back. Tried leaving some hidden and some not hidden, tried destroying and replacing. Still, every time I come back, big green circles everywhere. Zero mods. Straight off of steam.
  6. Feeding trough indicator problems after update All of my trough range indicators are turning on when i log in. They were not turned on when i logged out. The menu has a "hide visible area" option. When I click on this the first time, nothing happens, and it still says "hide visible area". If I click on this a second time, the green circle of annoyance goes away. I have to do this for every single trough. When I log back in later, they are all turned on again! I have no mods installed, playing single player on the Ragnarok map right now.
  7. Game crashes while raising dinos Single player local, no mods. I have installed crystal isles, but do not have the genesis season pass. The game is crashing during breeding.At some point while the dino grows, it will crash the game with a stack trace. Restarting the game while the baby is growing will only crash again. Maturation% appears to be random. Doesn't matter dino type, imprint, food, etc. To get past this I can either copy over an earlier save, or I can try and quickly cryo the baby. The game will not crash if I manage to cryo and has run flawlessly in scorched for hundred
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