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  1. Dont know if anyone else noticed but wyvern at the nest, including alpha just fly away from the nest and go somewhere else without a reason maybe thats why we cant find alpha wyverns they might be stuck somewhere at the map.
  2. I m here to report one more next lvl sht with the new update, i noticed the heir wyverns randomly fly away from the nest including alpha wyvern. They seem to go nowhere just fly forever i chased them they just fly away without reason.
  3. I dont think they even care but hope someone care about those issues some day.
  4. I have to add another big problem here that i encounter why the game is always updating huge packages every day? am i the only one having this problem?
  5. Here i noticed some of them you said about; - Loot crates mostly gives trash. - Wild dinos spawn inside each other (not always). - When you get attacked, you might end up inside that creature and not able to move also that happens when you call your tame, it goes inside your character or it turns head inside you. - Server save times are taking too much time and if you were on action while it is saving you may encounter some problems like crafting the same item x2 times or teleporting the location you safely passed but barely or more problems that i dont remember right now.
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