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  1. Use hackers !! Lol very hard to say. but... eventually they are there not real big ones but still tho.. it will back off allot of problems to wild card for players who want to play on pvp or pve.. also to solve as a game master.. Saw it was possible to breach the system with (permission)... but yeah does not really solve the problem to transport connection around the world, PC in the upper hand is quite better cause I play ps4. It’s just so ugly those pillars or the hundreds of Dino’s that wil not be used , if that was a women damn poor women but yeah still was thinking people would
  2. Server 386 unplayable Hey 1 question.. why having hundreds of Dino’s active outside ,if u are not going to use lol ???
  3. Yes he helped me before thank you Owataday!!?
  4. Tribe wipe? Hello, I’m playing on legacy server and saw today a tribe lost al their Dino’s and been kicked out of the tribe also tribe leader. so they are not able to feed anymore or get inside their home’s. Was looking for solutions but cause there is no admin on legacy server how do we fix things like this?? don’t want to bother wildcard with these problems if it can be fixed.. Kind Regards, zulh
  5. Wauw!! So useful thank you all!!. I applied it with my daily farming... also applied the fence’s so i’m pretty save for now and the upcoming years ?hopefully... still have a tribe that’s trying to place pillars between mine pillars but now I know I need to check on to it I will!! will come a new server but from the company pitch perfect... gonna take the annoying people out of the server cause who’s building on a spot is free to build instead of people trying to get u away.. think it’s only a admin’s call to fix the broken survivor’s we hear ur CALL!! But come in force!! Poo
  6. ooohhh noooo!!!! hello lycan187u it was a good thing to set the pillars but they get auto destroyed.. I’ve been off for 10hours and 37 min and allot is auto destroyed, demolish time is over 12 hours so I think I’m not welcome to the game for admin or so I can be wrong... if I ask they say I need to put ladder on it otherwise wildcard will auto destroy but I see pillars around the map without anything and been there looting obsidian for weaks and they stil stand.. pls help!!
  7. Thank u so much!! But I think I wil not be reported or I hope so trying to be a healthy survivor on this ARK!! keep on surviving Lycan187u
  8. Legacy server problem? Hello, I joined a legacy server ,cause if I try to join a other server on official everything is empty no trees chests are being blocked. So I wen’t back to the legacy server cause everything grows back , I had a small base whats now pretty large.. In the beginning I had no problems because my base was build in the forest?and is hard to see. there was a base close by so I decided to build a bit further to the swamps.. After everyday looking If he was on ,,he was not.. till his base got wiped.. so If there we’re problems I would just build to
  9. Nope same problem, if nothing helps create a ticket to wildcard I bought The pass and the map, I can go online to the map but just not solo and that is what I really want.. you payed for something u did not get, so they will fix it.. it’s frustrating but it’s the only option that can help.. did do what Travis did to go click on options instead going to addons but is was the same. maybe they can give the map folder so u can put it your self in.. Kind regards, Zulh.
  10. Hello I just playing ark for a halve year now, I had a argentavis I got it from lvl 56 and lvled her up above 100+. So I wanted a dire bear i saw a lvl 45 black bear and that was the one I wanted!! So I was flying straight to the dire bear and hit him once!!! and when I tried to flee he knock me of my argentavis ,,my argenT died in one hit but I was stuck far away from home and the black bear was chasing me!!! after al long run of hits I knocked the bear down saved his but twice from a terror bird and a Troodon (lvl15/lvl5.. while he was knocked.. ,when I tamed my poh he got killed by ti
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