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  1. I didn’t see anything about the issues on Nintendo Switch is that going to be a separate post later today?
  2. Switch = Invisible? It’s pretty impressive for a company to completely ignore a group of customers. The Switch is very arguably the best console to play this game on due to its mobility. Need to get on and deal with a raid or deal with some baby Dino’s? Great let my pull the Switch out and deal with it wherever I am! Instead, we get ignored to the point where even when it says “all consoles” it does not mean “all consoles”. Yes, the game is lackluster in features, dlc, and basic QOL updates but at least saying the word “Switch” would be better than just not saying anything at all.
  3. Anybody at wildcard realize the Switch version still exists?
  4. Server Issues Is anybody else having issues with their server just disappearing. I played on NA server 11 and I can’t find it now.
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