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  1. wildcard should do a tlc for titanosaurs, they haven't been used in pvp for ages, i remember in the old days, titano's were dangerous af in pvp but in modern ark there never used anymore, there too hard to tame, they run out of stamina to fast to do anything and a imprinted giga can easily eat them. what if they made it so, you still had to knock them out with cannon balls but you could hit them anywhere and it did torpor, they were cryoable but when you throw them out of the cryo they do something similar to the normal titans where it takes a minute for them to fully materialize, and finally,
  2. @WildcardJen @WildcardLelantos@WildcardVanilla@WildcardJaeger
  3. @WildcardJaeger ya'll need to do something, this is out of hand and wildcard not responding is pissing everyone off.
  4. i just disconnected going full speed in a tek suit on ext, AND ITS OFFLISTED. im going to tek suit into the red zone and get vaporized, 60 raptorING DOLLAR GAME. i want my god tek suite back.
  5. server 1213 and 887 are constantly being offlisted, devs raptoring fix it.
  6. update: after waiting 2 hours, game finally worked and then i immediately got disconnected and its back to broken 60 dollar game btw.
  7. no official servers no official servers showing up, honestly don't know why im even bothering to report because it seems every report i've ever made has fallen on deaf ears of devs that really don't care.
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