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  1. Can't join LAN Server



    so i am trying to create a LAN Server for roughly 3 Days now. I have 2 PC's in my room. One with Windows 10 (My Gaming PC) and the other one with Debian 10 (Hosting Machine). On the hosting machine i installed an ARK Server and it's running how it supposed to run. But when i try to connect with my Win10 Machine, i get this error:

    "Unable to query server info for invite".

    Things i have done so far:
    1. Reinstalling ARK
    2. Adding rules to the Win10 Firewall
    3. Adding rules to the iptables in Debian 10
    4. Reinstalled the Server several times
    5. I even tried to create a LAN Server on my Win10 Machine but i got the same error.

    Can someone help me? Or do i have to rent a server in order to play with my brother?

    //EDIT #1
    I can't really open ports in my router. In germany we have this thing called DSLite and it basically won't let you forward ports. And due to DSLite i only have an IPv6. I also tried to run the LAN Server with an Software like ZeroTier wich is like Hamachi. But still no success.

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