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  1. yeah i didnt have extinction at the time and i already tamed him, saw my brother tame him with a mek and that was pretty easy
  2. how much cannon balls needed for taming a titanosaur how much cannon balls are needed to tame a level 5 titanosaur? on the internet it said 21 or something but i used 40 and the titanosaur sometimes attacks and sometimes flees i dont understand (i hit him in his head so you dont say i have to) edit: a youtuber said at his video the titanosaur wont lose but it actually loses
  3. Lost my items and some dinos I was moving my survivor and some dinos to the island i took my items and spawned some rexs, a griffin and yutyrannus then the game crashed and returned me before doing the previous but i lost everything i spawned and my items
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