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  1. Whats happen with Island 345 its down since 17 Hours.. Nice in event when u have baby dinos out.. and high level dinos .. for thta wc not response to give the same dinos back
  2. But why a GM nothing do against chinese pillaring or spamming chat or blocking waterways .. if someone other do this they got punished. we also they destroyed on 2 bases every behemot gates thats not ok.. and other tribes pillaring a lot of spaces in our server we report it and nothings happend.. thats also griefing for me.. and the reports will be closed after 3 days but u write u will show the reports but nothings happend.. ANd why a GM is griefing to his friends on crystal isles 862 and he do it the 2. time we reportet it but nothing happend.. GM name is GM GACHA
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