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  1. Wc r fools. Updatibg poop without testing if its still possible after. Same with stardolphin. A alreasy insanely hard mission. Then they nerf dolphin and make it even harder. Clowns
  2. Must be. There was no announcement made about it. It broke after last nights server restart. Besides that how can people below a certain lvl or without genesis hatch eggs now?
  3. U might want to read b4 posting useless comments. U need all gamma missions for gamma rockwell, all beta missions for beta and all on alpha for alpha rockwell. Besides that team downdriver js possible. Me and my friend just done it on official on alpha with a minute spare...
  4. Solution no.7: Dino leash. We have loads above our bases and thet never move. Some of m arent even in a dino leash
  5. Well i just did it. And even on a ps5 it crashed me
  6. They said ps and pc will receive the same update as what xbox had for the series x
  7. Breedable wyverns were a poop idea fir everyone who wasted weeks in scars getting event eggs. And making basilisks breedable makes all event basilisks worthless. U might as well make phoenix, reaper, griffin, rock drake and everything else breedable and worthless then. The only people who want stuff like that to happen, are people who havent been out for weeks, months looking for high lvl events to tame. Or people who havent stayed up till 4am to tame a phoenix cuz heatwaves dont exist
  8. Same here. 2 of my friends blue screened and keep blue screening over nd over
  9. Backwards compatibility. Might not get a newer version of Ark, but u should be able to play it
  10. Hi everyone. Considering it doesnt take long anymore till the next gen consoles launch, im asking myself a question. We know they both backwards compatible. But my question is if you are on a xbox official server or ps4 official server, would you be able to get in those official servers on a xbox series x and a ps5? Some people assuming so but almost all games that are on ps3 and ps4 (cod, fifa, gta) can only be played together by people on the same console. I know this is different cuz ps5 is running ps4 games unlike ps4 and ps3. But im still asking myself the same question since the announce
  11. U r a fool lol. Killing more legacy servers is useless with the amount of that offials there r. Legacy has a much better experience. Even new ark playets who joined official first said it was laggy n toxic af and came to legacy cuz less lagg and more friendly. Soooo stfu lol
  12. Legacy doesnt have support. I know its painfull to see stuff go. But you should of had a backup in ur tribe. A character that never transfers and is admin/owner incase this poop happens. We have multiple backup characters in every server to avoid this from happening. I had it on our center legacy few weeks ago.
  13. Sandertje


    legacy r same as officials, but no support (wich u barely get on offi anyway neither) and alot less servers. The community in legacy is much better cuz its smaller and most people know each other. Alot less trollers because if someone trolls, the troller will be found quick cuz there arent many servers he can hide. We get all dlcs but mostly 2/4 servers wich is enough and we get m later then officials. Legacy pc got crystal isles 3 days after launch. Assuming same for consoles so prob thursday night or friday night. And this doesnt count for all official players obviously. But the community th
  14. pc legacy got crystal isles 3 days after official. Legacy console gets it probably friday or something. Keep refreshing feequently cuz we wont get a notification when we getting it
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