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  1. Nvr loved us lol. We always late getting it. Pc legacy had to wait 1 extra week for crystal isles Alot of poop going on since lost island dropped. Guess they fixing that 1st b4 giving legacy lost island lol
  2. Legacy always been late getting new maps. Pc legacy had to wait a week extra when crystal isles released. They probably 1st trying to sort all other poop thats going on.
  3. Give it some days. Legacy has been late getting passed 3 maps. Couple of days usually. Only gen2 launched on time for legacy. Gen 1 and crystal isles were 3 days later then official
  4. Legacy is always later then official with new maps. Usually 2, 3 days after official
  5. To get your hopes up. I dont play racing games neither. I aswell struggled to dp gamma star dolphin. It took me over 30 attempts to even make it to space. And when i finally found the way of getting to space every time the astrocetus kept dying. But after painfull moments i managed to do gamma, beta and alpha star dolphin solo using a controller. I didnt had the believe that i would ever do that mission neither. But i did. Giving up aint gonna help you. Incase you think im bullpoopting. Here is the video. Bare in mind that I did it b4 the patches that made it slightly easier. I almost had to kiss the meteors to destroy them. Now you can shoot m from miles away easily. A extra tip i can give you (i havent used it) use a mouse and keyboard.
  6. Pvp legacy indeed got deleted. The reason behind that was cuz there were (on peak times) 10 people playing it. Pve legacy on peak times goes over hundruds. I know its nothing compared to official but there r definitily enough players playing it. The nice thing about legacy is that everyone knows each other
  7. People saying that for years now. As long as there r enough people playing on m they stay.
  8. Since yesterday the dodorex wont spawn anymore for some reason. Meteors r falling and dodorex is on moon. We killed it 5x now this event. But since yesterday it doesnt spawn. Ive writen down all night it spawns and havent been wrong on neither rex and wyvern. But 6 night in a row it hasnt spawned. Ive been checking every night if possibly cycles changed but nothing. Meteors dropping, dodorex on moon. But it doesnt say dodorex is here anymore. Weird. Dodowyvern is ok
  9. Yh, but wiki says you cant uncryo after event (raptor image on cryo) I would like to know if you leave them out after event finished. If you keep them or if they get wiped after a server update
  10. After fear evolved is over. Is it possible to cryo/uncryo zombiedodos? And if not. Could they be left out without being wiped after a server restart?
  11. Maybe because people have 1000s of hrs in thise servers?? Maybe because not everyone have 24/7 to play Ark due to real life stuff?? Maybe because especially now its useless starting over with Ark 2 releasing next year?? Maybe THAT are the reasons why. And wjen legacy turned legacy they never ever said they were gonna get deleted at some point. The 1st time cedric mentioned that was in 2019. 2 FULL YEARS after Arks full release. When all land on official had been pillared up. When all legacy players would be 2 year behind if they went official. Wc wont delete m as long as there r enough people playing on m. But they trying their best to kill m off...
  12. Wc r fools. Updatibg poop without testing if its still possible after. Same with stardolphin. A alreasy insanely hard mission. Then they nerf dolphin and make it even harder. Clowns
  13. Solution no.7: Dino leash. We have loads above our bases and thet never move. Some of m arent even in a dino leash
  14. Breedable wyverns were a poop idea fir everyone who wasted weeks in scars getting event eggs. And making basilisks breedable makes all event basilisks worthless. U might as well make phoenix, reaper, griffin, rock drake and everything else breedable and worthless then. The only people who want stuff like that to happen, are people who havent been out for weeks, months looking for high lvl events to tame. Or people who havent stayed up till 4am to tame a phoenix cuz heatwaves dont exist
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