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  1. actually I only play Pvp but since my son got a new computer and treated himself to AKR I started on a Pve server. It's strange how the ARK's are littered. The performance of the server is so castrated that there are disconnections ... I'm not even talking about lags anymore. And that through the whole Ark landscape over all possible servers. Build even more and put more dinosaurs in your bases that you can no longer play. PvE servers should be wiped. At PvP, at least on most of the arks, that works by itself. Wildcard ...sorry but a lot of the officel PvE server are not playaible.
  2. i have the problem that i can only play the island map. At all other maps the game start to load and than i kicked out to the epic game center ( Window from ARK still open) . When i try to conect one more time to the map (for example : Valguero) i get the errore message: unknown error! and can t connect anymore. Also all Maps get shown in the overwiew as PVP map.
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