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  1. After all these years the building system is STILL frustrating as hell. I don;t like to getting into the public eye much, but I just can't take it much more. I've been playing Ark on and off since early access and I still get sooooo frustrated when I come back to give it another try. I'm not great at this so please give this video some leeway for quality. Feel free to critique the idea, however. As you can see here in this video, the snap points are truly terrible. It's impossible to rotate this ramp in a single plane so I cannot accomplish what I am trying to build. As I stat
  2. After posting this my friends and I realized the server was actually still running and we were able to connect. We did find that the server didn't always show up the list of non-official servers, though, without a hitting refresh a few times. We also realized we needed to check the box to show servers with passwords. There's so many poor decisions in the this UI, the devs need to re think it. Devs, here's a couple things that would help here: 1. Allow users to directly enter the name of the server, or the IP, without having to use the Unofficial server list. 2. Default "Show ser
  3. I should also note I have tried running the server as both a user with normal privileges as well and from powershell with administrator privileges. The result was the same both time.
  4. SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed () I'm trying to setup a dedicated server, and am running into an error. There is already an extensive thread in Steam about this issue, but none of the 'fixes' have worked for me. [2020.06.13-15.19.37:397][ 0]ARK Version: 311.87 [2020.06.13-15.19.37:397][ 0]PID: 3844 [2020.06.13-15.20.30:940][ 0]Primal Game Data Took 51.12 seconds [2020.06.13-15.20.35:140][ 0]SteamSocketsOpenSource: gethostname failed () <------------ HERE [2020.06.13-15.20.35:140][ 0]gethostbyname failed () [2020.06.13-15.21.14:412][ 0]bEnableMeshBitingProte
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