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  1. Most companies? It's kinda a big thing to match pc updates with console updates, steam and epic simply have less hoops to jump through. And you you mean "Their Customers" or do you mean "me and my friends" O neat idea rent a server and learn how to code it, ooo or learn how to not be entitled. A play for broad appeal never pleases anyone. If you don't like it maybe pack up you ball and go home?
  2. O god no they would get fired for doing this, they gotta be prim and professional. I'm just sick of hearing it. No game ever made has been made for your enjoyment kid, they are designed to make money. Just like movies, music, books, and art. Anything added post launch is not even necessary. Just be thankful the servers are on, that stuff costs money.
  3. Man Wildcard you have the worst fans, I'm so sorry. You should charge for your updates. Maybe that would get some of these children to appreciate what "post-launch content" is.
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