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  1. [Linux] Server freeze v304.451 Hi, a server freeze occurs each time someone use Refertilizer. Tested and confirmed (at least) on Ragnarok, Linux build 304.451. Windows servers dont seems to be affected
  2. crashs still randomly happens on v302.6 on my side, any clue? Linux server v302.6 TheIsland
  3. still no patch notes but seems to be fixed on v302.6, anyone confirm?
  4. Server crash v302.4+ Hi, a server crash occurs since v302.4, related to Delivery Crates. I did'nt succeed to define a clear and reproductible way, but it occur each time I use at least 2 Delivery Crates following, the crash may occur a few minutes after landing. Tested and confirmed on TheIsland and Ragnarok maps, v302.4 / v302.45, on both Linux and Windows server builds, and on a clean save. Disabling Turkey Trial dont do anything
  5. Hi, Since v293.103, build a Tek Bridge causes server crash, confirmed on Linux & Windows server's build
  6. it's more like a delayed freeze, my weekly wild dinos clean was done this morning (programmed at 6h00 every wednesday) everything looks good on the moment, but there is always a server downtime after that, between 6h10 - 6h20 are you using cheat destroywilddinos or the new ?ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval parameter?
  7. no, it may be executed on server restart if you havn't any player to trigger it, but most of the time its executed while running when someone load the area ok thanks for your report I'll try some additionnal tests. BTW its seems that your servers are hosted on Windows not Linux, important detail
  8. Hi, this is not really the subject, but this may be caused by their ""fixes"", have you any stability problem caused by the auto-decay of abandoned structures? I've noticed multiple server crashs and huge memory leaks (up to 16GB instead of 7/8) since last weeks caused by the auto-destruction of abandoned structures (much more than before), and a general deterioration of the game server perfs since official release; disconnecting, crashs, memory leak, freeze, rubberbanding Same thing with destroywilddinos command, heavier than ever, can cause 20 minuts+ freeze or even crash -Linux -TCP P2P -TheIsland/TheCenter -No Mods -.ark files much smaller than a few months ago -Dedicated server, no hardware problem/300mb stable connection -Correct or native rates/parameters ...Anyone else?
  9. shift+RC on SavedArksLocal => CMD => ark-tools.exe tamed C:/absolute-path-to-map.ark C:/absolute-path-to-dino-directory
  10. changes the saveVersion from 7 to 8 in ark savegame toolkit's source code, then recompile ark-tool with the new ark-savegame-toolkit.jar. The error give you everything you need, filename and lines I've tried the tool on a Ragnarok server and I didn't have any problem, have you an error log?
  11. Hi, don't know when Qowyn will do it officialy, so here is a patched version of the .jar for v267, I've also inclued a -max-age parameter for the tribes command if you need it (same usage as players -max-age parameter, less tribelogs, huge gain) https://ufile.io/4d75l
  12. Hi Qowyn, nop, same error as last time java.lang.NullPointerException at qowyn.ark.tools.data.ArkItem.toClusterData(ArkItem.java:248) at qowyn.ark.tools.EditingCommands.modifyClusterData(EditingCommands.java:663) at qowyn.ark.tools.EditingCommands.modify(EditingCommands.java:566) at qowyn.ark.tools.App.main(App.java:117) tried with the example on https://github.com/Qowyn/ark-tools/wiki/Modification-File command : ark-tools.exe modify C:/Users/X/Desktop/clusters/[steamid] C:/Users/X/Desktop/arktools/modification.json C:/Users/X/Desktop/clusters/output
  13. Hi Qowyn, nice to see you back, I currently try to do some auto generated items scripts with clusters but the command "modify" seems to not work, any plan on it?
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