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  1. Yes. This is a command similar to SpawnSetupDino , only with more subtle settings
  2. How do I find the list of DinoID[int64]? How do I find the list of DinoID[int64]? This is not "Dodo_Character_BP_C" and so on, I need digital IDs
  3. Admin commads SpawnExactDino DinoBlueprintPath[FString] SaddleBlueprintPath[FString] SaddleQuality[float] BaseLevel[int32] ExtraLevels[int32] BaseStats[FString] AddedStats[FString] DinoName[FString] Cloned[int8] Neutered[int8] TamedOn[FString] UploadedFrom[FString] ImprinterName[FString] ImprinterPlayerID[int32] ImprintQuality[float] Colors[FString] DinoID[int64] Exp[int64] spawnDistance[float] YOffset[float] ZOffset[float]how do I write this command correctly? It is desirable an example
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