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  1. EU PVE 463 Extinction is not playable It used to be good server. Sadly since few months this server is unplayable. People losing their stuff, disconnecting every few minutes, lag spikes are like 1 - 2 minutes usually followed by DC. Cant play drops - they vanish due to DC, lagging out of border with skiff or dino destroying it and losing all gear, cant connect back (there is already account connected) losing breeded gigas etc. Why is that so? Please help us.
  2. 349 The Center DOWN for 3 days EU PVE OFFICIAL 349 The Center is offline for 3 days...We reported issue many times. Is there someone who can help?
  3. @lilpanda please help us, we dont want our dinos to decay/die in crypods like last event.
  4. 349 The Center DOWN for 3 days The Center 349 is down for 3 days now, posts get deleted. Nobody fixes the server. This server is having problems for 2 years now. Every event its down.
  5. This is ridiculus, PVE The Center 349 is offline 2 days now. Nobody does anything. Every event same stuff happens. Please help us
  6. Cant join 349 center pve whole day offline
  7. 349 THE CENTER OUTAGE The Center 349 is down WHOLE day. We reported outage many times. Whats is going on?????? Please help!!
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