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  1. Hey guys I'm a returning player. I heard that there's some kind of failsafe to prevent character loss on official servers now, is it true? can i transfer without worrying about losing my char now?
  2. Enable other languages in Epic hi ive been playing on the epic version of ark in english and a lot of times i can see in chat just boxes is there a way to enable languages to see it i have found guides for steam but none for epic i specifically want to see russian language while my game is in english
  3. ark downloading transferred character failed 007 hey guys when transfering today i got this message and cant download my character anymore is this the fabled lost character that people are talking about here? any idea what to do? i opened a ticked any idea how long it usually takes to bring a character back? and while i wait can i create a new character on my server to keep the buildings standing? thx in advance for any info im really bummed about this
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