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  1. Reading comprehension by ARK players - rated F! Reread the "All Platforms..." line and at the very end it has Tamed and Wild in the appropriate graph color. Just wow! The reason for all the Island tamed deaths is due to the amount of ridiculous server crashes going on and no fixes. 404 has been a complete nightmare to play on. If it wasn't for the time and effort in planning/building my base there I would have left over a month ago.
  2. "On Feb. 1, Google announced that its Stadia Games and Entertainment development studio was closing I am right there with you! Stadia is going to die out without Google's backing. One less platform to program on means more time on the others and a sooner release date.
  3. Well, on SE I've only come across 2 ghost dire wolves. Not a single skeleton dino to kill for dino bones. So no crafting yet at all. If spawning of skeleton dinos don't get fixed, or the rate of spawning fixed for them, this event will blow for people playing on official SE. Pretty disappointed so far.
  4. I've dug up about 30 piles and not a single bone to be found. Only pumpkins, scarecrows, and gravestones. Am I looking in the wrong place for dino bones???
  5. What they need to do is have an algorithm run and if there are any building components beyond a structure that is recognized as a "base" (say "x" number of feet/meters/foundations/whatever) that the those structures will auto-delete at 00:00 zulu time every day. It is completely ridiculous that people are allowed make it impossible for a new player to find a place to build a base. If people what to do this kind of crap, then force them to move over to private server that would allow something like that. But not on an official server. I can understand that you would want a little buffer betw
  6. SE 732 has been missing since the update...so much for imprinting dinos tonight. ?
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