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  1. Completely missed the Evo event last weekend because our server was having major issues as well as others, BUT, finally it has been fixed. I know it takes time to figure the causes of some issues and a lot of us forget that, including me, and we get frustrated and even angry because we have tames out that we don't want to lose, but very little communication comes from the dev's when these things are ongoing. But I want to give A HUGE THANK YOU to the team for figuring out the issue and resolving it! Also want to thank GM Alb
  2. Continuously crashing and rebooting. Has been happening since July update and it is getting worse as the days to on. Anyone having these issues? The server will stay up for a MAXIMUM of 2 hours, crashes, reboots and takes quite a while to even come back up on the list. I guess at this point I have given up on WildCard to even care enough to fix the servers or the game.
  3. LOVE having an Evo event that we can't even participate in because you won't fix the GEN2 servers! Thanks for being one of those companies that don't give a poop about their customers after you get their money!
  4. I and many others can not take advantage of this event because WE CAN'T GET BACK ON SOME OF THE SERVERS WE PLAY ON SINCE THE UPDATE!
  5. It shows the difference between wild and tamed dinos at the top of the chart.
  6. STARTER KIT - We now have a starter kit for new players consisting of a 3x3 Stone base, a flyer and a Rex for base protection. Also included will be metal farming tools, sword, bow and 1 stack of narcotic arrows, regular stone arrows and 1 stack of narcotics. Currently only available on Crystal Isles map. Each spawn region has a transmitter and teleporter for public use in order to arrive at Addicts base to receive your kit.
  7. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY EVERY Sunday the ADDICTS Ragnarok server will be having the Spartan Games at our brand new coliseum and race track. Prized will include gear, tames, trophies, blueprints, and more.
  8. ARK ADDICTS 20X BOOSTED/MODDED DROPS-STACKS-STATS/ SMALL TRIBE PvPvE CLUSTER All Multipliers 20x Boosted, stack mod, stat mod, drop mod. Slowed food decay, slowed food and water usage. Currently running a 5 server cluster. Maps are Ragnarok, Island, Genesis, Crystal Isles, Random(Rotated Monthly) Events are Rotated Monthly. Flyers allowed on Genesis and can carry wilds. Building allowed anywhere on all maps, no spam pillaring allowed. Active helpful admins. Transfers between Servers in cluster allowed. Community page and Discord running. Max tribe size is 5. Tribe wars allowed. Addicts Trib
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