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  1. Ark Tope 10 Tips For Beginners
  2. Thankyou for all the replies getting alot of good advice on how to distribute my stats, much appreciated.
  3. Are these chars on different servers, can you have multiple chars on the same server?
  4. Ahhh yes I have died a couple time to accidentally hitting E and dismounting mid air to my death haha.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, never really considered so much in health, or putting anything into oxygen.
  6. What is the BEST stat distribution for PvE Hello fellow Ark Survivalists I'm pretty new to Ark, been playing a couple months only with PvE. Everytime I have restarted or the unofficial server i was on dissapeared, I have found that I'm distributing my stats differently each time. The only constant for me is weight which I lvl up to about 350. So I'm wondering to all the more experienced veterans out there what is a good stat distribution to go with thats balanced and is weight at 350 too high. I have pretty much ignored crafting speed, oxygen ,food and water is it worth investing
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