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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm jumping on the lowest ping I can find which is about 83 (i'm not from NYC, so i dont know why it isn't better) The servers I've been on have just 5 or 6 people out of 70, i'm surprised. But when i join, there's always structures around and it's nearly impossible to build anything of my own because it always says I'm too close to another structure even though I dont see any near me... Also every time i join a server I have to make another character, how are people saving their characters?? I had one up to lvl 8, but now they are gone because I ha
  2. Just got PS4 version, unplayable lag Is this typical on PS4? I will be running along and suddenly appear where i was 10 seconds ago or longer. Sometimes the game freezes for a second or two and then keeps going. I've only played for half an hour before I had to stop because of it. It happened so many times just in that half hour. As far as I know, i was on a dedicated server. Is this a fluke? Is this normal? How are people playing with this?
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