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  1. It was changed for a reason, making the game harder for people that are freshly starting is so dumb, they already have to put up with Lined manas running all over the place.
  2. How is spending hours making kibble any risk, I'm not sure what you mean by risk vs reward, and can you elaborate on how 4x original rates in early access, by the way I play small tribes which is 3x rate.
  3. The Kibble Progression requires so much more resources and time. It's only useful if you already have a set up base and you aren't just starting out.
  4. What did they do to Ovis this patch??? So in the most recent patch of the game it states "Reduced scaling factor of sheep harvesting health to reduce stalls" Now today I got wiped all my cryos gone and so was my base which I had spent a lot of time on (this was on official small tribes) So I had to start up again so I got to kill the Ovis and instead of one Ovis giving me 15-20 Mutton it gives me like 2 mutton. I don't understand how people who are trying to build up can tame decent dinos at that level without the help of mutton. Does Wild card really expect me to wait an 1 and a half hours
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