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  1. Great update but I was only able to play for about an hour before I got kicked off and the server has been full ever since. Have been waiting in a que for over 3 hours to join back and I have no idea what’s going on. I tried restarting the client 5 times before and wasn’t able to get in so I know it’s not an issue on my end. It’s just frustrating that you guys can develop such good in game content yet the user interface to get connected into a game is so terrible. Much love to you ark but after 5-6 years you guys couldn’t add a waitlist feature for joining servers??

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  2. Ark Valguero crossplay 1174 official PVE down

    The server aforementioned in the title has been down for over 12 hours now, and many people on the server are complaining about how the dinos they were raising are probably dying. All of the other official PVE servers seem to be up and there was no update so I'm very confused as to why the server isn't showing up in the server list. No twitter post, no acknowledgement, nothing. I don't know if they took the server down or what but I've been playing on it for over a year and I have a lot of time put into the work I did on this server and I would like to know what happened to it. Thanks.

  3. 1 hour ago, Jay1234 said:

    I usually do not comment on forums, but jeez. Wildcard is notorious for late launches, this is nothing new. I get being upset, but really, come on. What made anyone think that "this" launch would be any different. Using politics as a escape goat, is a new play for them though. And a rather low play at that. Just admit, that yet again, your not ready as announced and stop the "feelings" charade.

    Since they played to politic card and brought it up, ill weigh in too. Looting, rioting, and burning down "Target" buildings, because a bad cop (racist or not) murdered someone is not solidarity. Its mob violence. Give the cop his "fair trial", and throw him in jail (or death row in my opinion), where he clearly belongs. If the victim would have been a white guy protesting at a abortion clinic, would we be focusing on other questions i wonder? Never the less, he killed someone, white/black, i really don't care. Deal with him in court.... What about the innocent officers killed in the aftermath? They deserved it i guess, huh?....who is the monster again?..... Stereotyping people as racist for not supporting a botched political movement is not racist......to think so, is the definition of racism ironically.... and save the "deep", philosophical black lives matter, shpeal....its political a propaganda paradox... Scum bags that kill anyone should be dealt with (accordingly in my opinion) in court. The majority of people just don't care enough to be sucked into this never ending and un-winnable discussion of bigotry. All a normal person can do is accept defeat or avoid the conversation all together, when they are seen as the problem for people with this attitude. Entitlement is what breeds this attitude. I would fully expect to be tear gassed (at the very least) if I threw rocks or shot at officers. What in the hell would make anyone think differently? Are they trying to be a martyr? And anger isn't justifiable for this behavior either. Its amazing how some think they are above the law somehow? News FLASH, no one is special, regardless of what their mother might have said. I'm sorry to be that, by now labeled,  "racist jerk" to break it to you. There are bad people out there, and no one is above the law. That is reserved exclusively for Steven Seagal. :)

    Let the courts deal with the murdering scum bags, regardless of their race, and more importantly regardless of victim race. This includes the murderers of the innocent law officers. Christ, cant everyone see how this is all politically motivated and we (the citizens) are just pawns..... ? No one gets a free pass to riot or hurt others because they have a "cause". If someone wants to peacefully protest, knock themselves out. Its a first amendment right, but you cant cherry pick the parts of the amendment you like. It protects peaceful protest and freedom of speech. When it becomes violent, they are no longer exercising the amendment. And they are no better than "THE mysterious MAN" that is holding them back, from the greatness they "feel" they deserve. These individuals are just looking for justification for their bad behavior. Which is probably a gleaming reason for why they are "held back" in the first place, their behavior. And now they are also similarly, scumbags that should get a "fair trial".

    Very well said... I would like to reassure you that there are many people that are thinking along the same lines as you are, they just aren't getting media coverage as everyone is covering the riots and protesting. It may be hard to fathom in times like these when it seems like the whole country has gone insane, but most people are reasonable and are just watching the news shaking their head. 

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