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  1. well i can't find any. i may find a "dino finder" mod to see if any exist as I'm tired of looking. Maybe if predators didn't outnumber prey 20:1 in those areas I might find one. The only other option is just to spawn them in.
  2. PC/SP: Ovis - anyone find any on The Island? I've reset the dinos twice and still can't find any. There is no shortage to Yuty's, those things are almost as common as dilos. For the life of me, not one ovis anywhere.
  3. Thanks. So there are on screen indicators when you start drowning, when you are starving, when you are dehydrated, when you are too hot or too cold, when you are blinded, when your torpor is increasing, but none for airborne poison. Genius!
  4. Receiving damage from unknown source in cave? On The Island, there is a cave opening in the Redwood, just east of the pool at the top of the falls. I walked in and took damage for a second, but wasn't constant. There was no indication on my screen other than audio and my health dropping slightly. So I took a few more steps and the same thing happened, just lowered my health with actual damage. There was nothing there, no dinos and no on-screen indicators like I was sick. Anyone know? Is it like an airborne poison or something? No idea how to protect myself from something that gives no indication on what it is, other than arbitrary damage from no where.
  5. So now the SP auto-save doesn't work properly? Add this to the ever growing list: If I have my auto-save set to 5 minutes in the .ini file, that tells me that if I exit the game at 7:39, there should be a backup file within the previous 5 minutes or so. YET, the nearest one is from 2 hours ago? so this is wrong? AutoSavePeriodMinutes=5.000000 Any idea? Are these files saved anywhere else other than shootergame>saved?
  6. actually, there was no debuff on me, just that dang leech in the middle of my screen. That's why i originally asked if this was a known glitch/bug.
  7. I'm using S+ as it is and have made no intentional changes other than your suggestion from earlier. I tried your method, and while i was able to put down a subsequent wall, i was unable to attach a support to that wall. Any manner and means of attaching walls, pillars and foundations didn't result in anything useful. So i decided to let S+ fate do what it wants and built part of a wall based on what S+ fence foundations would allow in this ridiculous situation, as you can see in the attached image. Every nonsensical angle is the only one of a couple of choice angles at that point. I was hoping to avoid building the entire thing upon a foundation, but it looks like that is my only option since S+ is not playing nice with the terrain. The red line indicates the starting wall.
  8. The setting made no difference. If i remove the supports, i can place a foundation anywhere in the same area. I"m just trying to avoid having to deal with foundations for a fence if I can, and since the ground is uneven I'd rather use the fence supports vs the fence foundation.
  9. This page indicates there are no beacon drops where I am located: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Map_(The_Island)
  10. Not near an obelisk. It's on The Island map, around 70lat 33lon, on flat area overlooking the swamp and the redwoods. I have never seen a drop there, though there are drops to the east of that position, but they are quite the distance away. I play Single player- local/host setup. I did a 'cheat ghost' and there was nothing under the ground to interfere with building. Is there anyway to see if drops happen there, some command that indicates where drops are located?
  11. obstructed. I even tore down part of the wall and built in a different direction hoping to avoid whatever is in the ground preventing me from placing supports.
  12. I have removed them from the tame that way when I jumped off I saw the indicator in the upper right corner that the tame had one, but there was still a leech on my character when I jumped off. Hitting E while on the tame would have dismounted me anyway and the leech is still in the center of my screen. Maybe i didn't explain myself right the first time.
  13. Leech glitch - campfire doesn't remove them? I do know and have experienced leeches on me and to burn them off with a campfire. However, I was riding my Therizinosaur through a swamp, got a leech on me, jumped off, built a campfire, jump in said campfire until half health and it still didn't come off. The only work around was to exit the game and start it back up, in which case it was gone. Is this a known issue? Is it specific to just riding something when it happens, and how the heck does a leech jump that high? Or does the game think the leech is on the tame but sticks to me? Not a game breaker, but annoying to have to exit and start up again.
  14. ( i was only allowed to upload one 40k image in the OP for some reason)
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