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  1. Ares' Playground PVP Cluster - 20x - 6Man tribes 4 map Cluster (Extinction, Valguero, Genesis and Ragnarok) with Crystal Isles being added on 4th June 2020. BASIC SETTINGS: XP x 15 Taming x 40 Harvesting x 20 Egg hatch = 20.0 Baby maturation = 20.0 Max Wild Dino = 240 Tribe limit = 6 (No allies) Turret limit 350 No ORP - 72 Hour new player protection 2-3month wipe cycle **Player Mods** Structures Plus (S+) Naj's Speedy Flyers HG Stacking Mod 2500x ARKomatic TCs Auto Rewards Awesome SpyGlass Salty Argy **Plug-ins** Baby No wander *Sets Babies to Auto; no wander, no ally looking and passive.* Suicide * Type '/Suicide' into in game chat to kill yourself.* New Player Protection * Active for first 72 hours for you/your tribe on each server.* *Starts from when you first log to the server.* *To disable before the 72 hours is up...type '!npp disable' in chat.* **Admin Spcific Mods** Editable Server UI Admin Rocket EMS | Extended Management System Feel free to check out the discord for more indepth info if you're interested. https://discord.gg/uRRuQku
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