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  1. oh pk never mind i got it to go to asking for attention every 32 seconds ?
  2. glitch?? question why all of a sudden in crystal isles does it say "baby wants attention in 8 hours and 8 mins when in scorched earth it says baby wants attention in 32 seconds?....i have my baby maturation slider all the way at 6 and never changed it so it should be the same...is this a game glitch? how do i make the crystal dragon ask for attention every 32 seconds like in every other dlc?
  3. how to tell wyverns in crystal isles when i spawn a wyvern i can never get out of the tab quick enough to SEE what kind of wyverrn ive spawned..and im trying to breed them and there doesn't seem to be anything telling you what KIND of wyvern you have...so how do i find out?
  4. co player cant use gfi codes why is it that i can give my co player creative mode, and that works for her.... but when she goes to use gfi codes nothing shows up in her inventory?
  5. which ones require what? i see that some people use air conditioners to hatch wyverns...and i see some use torches...my question is...which require air cons and which require torches?
  6. thanks guys backspace worked ! ?
  7. hud dissapeared anyone know the button to make the action bar show again....things like to disappear in this game for some reason...i can no longer see my action bar nor can i interface with wny creature because the E gesture that lets you go into a creatures inventory doesn't show anymore
  8. descrptions dissapearing wonder if anyone knows how to fix this...all of a sudden when I mouse over anything in my inventory or crafting menu the thing I mouse over used to tell me what it was....now nothing...the descriptions suddenly disappeared. anyone know how to make it go back to describing what i mouse over?
  9. multiple games i have a game ( non dedicated server) on evolved that I play with one friend.....we want to play on scorched earth now, but shes afraid that if I make a scorched earth game ittl forget/delete/overwrite our evolved game......how do I do this safely and without risking all weve built on evolved? and how does one keep track of games on multiple expansions?
  10. how to find lost dinos I was towing home 2 argetavas and when I got home , they were no longer following me and were lost. how do I get them back. what is the range of the group whistle?
  11. how to transport critters I just tamed a doedicurus...im far from my home, im on a argentavis….theres no way the doedicurus is going to walk 98450645 miles home...how do I transport him back home with me?
  12. what to feed my Paraceratherium has very low health....ive tried force feeding it all kinds of things....no luck...what do I have to do to increase a dinos health? ( not his total health but his current health level) ...im shocked that after spending 1.5 hours searching google there's no info on such a simple question.,....
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