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  1. You know, I just knew I was going too feel stupid when I finally found the answer. I never even noticed there was a "small" and an "extra small" egg. Duh. Thank you.
  2. Still can't make kibble in single player Xbox I've found many people with the same problem but none recently. Did they find an answer that I haven't found or simply give up. I'm playing single player Ark Survivor Evolved local on Xbox One. I've tried several kibble recipes but the one currently in the cooker is for simple kibble. It consists of sparkpowder for fuel, 1 Dodo egg, 1 cooked fish, 2 rockarrot, 5 mejoberry, 5 fiber, and 1 waterskin. Light the fire, nothing. Destroy the cooker and start fresh with a new one, nothing. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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