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  1. Problems with Primitive Plus I’ve noticed a lot of problems going on with Primitive plus lately. I started a new game and when i went to create a character none of the sliders changed anything other than the hair, eye, and skin color. I just used the standard character and played anyway assuming this wasn’t a big deal and would be fixed soon. As i was playing i noticed when you ride on a tamed Dino your character doesn’t sit down, they just stand awkwardly with their legs through the dinosaur. This was another thing I assumed would be fixed soon. The most recent thing i noticed is that you
  2. Can’t customize a character for a new game on primitive plus I wanted to start a new game on primitive plus and when I went to create a character the sliders weren’t working. The only things I can change are the hair/eye color and name. I tired on different maps and that same problem occurred. I turned off primitive plus and it works just fine on the normal one. I’m assuming this is a problem only on primitive.
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