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  1. We took a Break from Ark and returned today. Crafted many Rafts and spamed em all over different Servers. Enough for some Weeks. So see ya later
  2. There are really still people out there, believing it will be finished when its released? c´mon Aslo funny the Stuff about the "influencer". Does WC now how many people are watching Twitchstreams regarding Ark? u made my day
  3. Crafting rafts and rafts ah nearly forgot, crafting rafts. And moving between Servers alot.
  4. Since we have beaten the Overseer on the new official pvp poop. All we do is Standing around in our Base -.- Lets see how Ark looks like in 6month or so. See ya guys ?
  5. The upcoming patch will also fix the under the Map invasions that shouldnt work anymore as mentioned in the patchnotes some patches ago? tried it a few mins ago, it works fine, as always
  6. Has to be disabled asap... It will ruin the Game tbh
  7. Yeah Broodmother Arena is really awesome. Takes in the worst case days to collect the artifacts and Mats to craft needed ammo etc for 2min fight and a Trophy that everyone allready ownes. Also that ki is so extremly stupid. Piranhas are sometimes harder to kill
  8. Any Supplydrop... Put in all Mats that are required to summon and a "Portal" appears
  9. Seriously? only Loot for beating Broodmother in that Arena, that ... Trophy? oO
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