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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    Petitions do not help, lol. As if they care. Just stop playing that poop. in case i forgot to mention. Everything WC does is awesome. Ark has no Bugs or gamebreaking exploits, glitches etc. No need for such Threads in the Future anymore
  2. That made my Day
  3. So what did you do in ARK today?

    We took a Break from Ark and returned today. Crafted many Rafts and spamed em all over different Servers. Enough for some Weeks. So see ya later
  4. How to kill Dragon Boss on Island Map

    oh... as if there arent hundreds of Threads allready about how to kill Dragon. And again. Cant remember how often i posted it now. 1 Yuty ( Stats dont really matter, maybe a bit more than average Stam ) 3 -4 Daeodons > 150k Food Rest Rexes 30k Hp ~ 1k Melee = easy Win. Also Alpha. Like all the other Bosses just TANK AND SPANK ( We usually did it with 2 People, the more you spread out, the more he stays in the Air. So if you do it with more People. Stay the raptor together. Its Breath is the only thing that hurts ) So see ya in a few weeks again, when i have to repeat myself again and again and again
  5. BIG problems, that I don't see the devs addressing

    i dont believe that you guys do not check the Bug Sections of this Forum. There are many Threads that list all the Bugs that are ingame from the Start and not yet solved. Really cant remember that one of these Threads has Responses from a Dev or even only a Mod.... hmmmmm.... Why could that be? hmmmmmmm.....
  6. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    There are really still people out there, believing it will be finished when its released? c´mon Aslo funny the Stuff about the "influencer". Does WC now how many people are watching Twitchstreams regarding Ark? u made my day
  7. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Crafting rafts and rafts ah nearly forgot, crafting rafts. And moving between Servers alot.
  8. Some Actions and Reactions on this forum, look that way. Or maybe not really smart. We´ll never know
  9. We´ve played ARK from the Start of ea. In my friendlist, there were over 50 people playing ARK. Now... there is only one left, and he is only idle ingame cause he is running a private Server and payed it many month in advance. And im 100% sure im not the only Person whose FL looks the same in terms of Ark. And now... why is it so? If you like real PvP, Ark is simply not the Game for you. With all that DDosing ( yeah Servers are DDosProtected now, hahaha good troll ) duping and hacking, cheating, exploiting going on. And most of that you first notice after playing some time. Hell yeah... it was really fun to play Ark in the beginning. All the glitches etc did not matter, cause hey its ea, theyll fix it. But no... many of the gamebreaking Bugs, that are talked about since the beginning of ARK, are still ingame. And you guys wanna tell people the devs are listening? With the official Release of Ark ( tbh its still a beta common ) We decided to give Ark a second or maybe third chance. We heared so much about fixes etc. But played for 3 Days and we realised under the map/Terrain bugging is still possible, Also the devs said that there is a "Deathzone" now. So ok. We tried if the duping is fixed. hell no... its easier than before. Its even possible to xfer not obtainable objects... To come to an end... All that you only really notice if you play the game a bit longer. Thats why there are negative reviews of players with way over 1k hrs. And if you dont respect em... believe me, there wont be a happy ending for Ark. What would be really sad, cause its a game of great potential. ill continue reading the Forums etc and hope, that in 6-9 Month the game is what it can be. Fingers crossed
  10. Easy Answer. As the Damage of its Breath is percentage based, more HP = more Damage your Rex takes. everything above 30k is a total waste. 600-800 melee way to low. And for the Rest. As any other awesome designed and scripted Bossfight in ARK, its just tank and spank. Simply outDPS it. if your Tames dont survive, your Tames are too bad. Maybe im repeating myself, but. The only really dangerous Attack of the Dragon is its Breath and it isnt really avoidable. That Nuke of him when he is flying is cake, if you have to bother bout that, dont enter dragonarena
  11. If you guys really think theyll keep Legacy Servers alive, you are not really smart. i wouldnt be surprised when there are only unofficials in mid to end 2018. But thats only my subjective point of view.
  12. So what did you do in ARK today?

    Since we have beaten the Overseer on the new official pvp poop. All we do is Standing around in our Base -.- Lets see how Ark looks like in 6month or so. See ya guys 😁
  13. Boss fights

    Hf reading
  14. Overseer Arena

    Did Overseer gamma on official new servers. 3 people, 2 Daeodon, 1 Yuty, 8 Rexes. All Tames kept their Saddles and we kept all our equipped gear and the stuff on hotbars. Tames were waiting after that at the front of the cavedoor Tames only fall into the Lava if you are dumb
  15. Your tribemate doing weird Stuff maybe