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  1. Ugodzilla

    Whats stats for the rock drake

    Quoting a 10Month old post wow oO At that Time, Ab has recently been released. Wondering who is childish here r.e.t.a.r.d.
  2. Ugodzilla

    pve ark fatal error crash

    Having the same probs on my new and also on my old system. only had a 2 month break. Before it ran really fine. Annoying as raptor
  3. Ugodzilla

    LowLevelFatalError on ARK

    Yes i am on win 10. And no... i wont downgrade for Ark. Its the only Game we are having Problems with. Had a break for some Time, only wanted to test my new Stuff, never had such Problems when using my old machine. But a different Question. The Bugreportsection for PC is gone?
  4. Ugodzilla

    LowLevelFatalError on ARK

    Lol... Bought new Hardware and installed ARK again. Intel I9 and 1080TI 64GB Ram. Prior to it, it worked really fine for me on a FX 8350 R9 390X 16gb Ram. Now The first i see is a JSON error ( dunno what it is ) and after max 5min Game crashes without warning. Damn so annoying
  5. Ugodzilla

    LowLevelFatalError on ARK

    Here you wont get any useful help, believe me. Friends of mine suffer from similar LowLevelFatalErrors for Month now. Most Popular Response you will get: Its only Epics Fault. Deal with it or gtfo.
  6. Ugodzilla

    The state of PvP

    As i said. Players vs Structures, no PvP I miss the good old Days at the end of 2015
  7. Ugodzilla

    The state of PvP

    There is no PVP in ARK anymore. Its only Players vs Structures and invite as many Scrubs as you can.
  8. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    Da Damn what is wrong with you guys.... that was not a serious answer of me... next time i put *sarcasmoff* after it. Now calm yo beans
  9. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    You are so damn right!
  10. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    For the not that smart People. My answer implied that there is no need for Tek on PVE^^ I did not expect that someone takes it serious oO
  11. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    Answering both postings was also pointless... Enough OT
  12. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

  13. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

    For what Reasons do PVEPlayer Bosses? *nooffense*
  14. Ugodzilla

    Lvling boss Rexes.

  15. Ugodzilla

    Complete Lack of Content

    The only thing im interested in is, that the damn UECrash is finally fixed. Its so annoying that half of the Tribe crashes every few minutes. Especially when we have to do Stuff on Aberration.