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  1. New Shark, and a different feature with the Cnidaria 1) More Shark! 2) a bug/feature I find annoying with Cnidaria A feature where there would be more sharks. E.g: Hammer-Head Shark: has the ability to hit you from the side, raising your torpor, but not killing you unless threatened further And the Cnidaria, when they attack in groups, I find that no matter what I do, I cant seem to get away, can we change that so when one attacks, the whole group has a 5 second cool down feature, me and a lot of people have the same experience and we find it frustrating. thank you
  2. I did not realise that, now it seems like i wasn't thinking properly, maybe just the first part could work, but only with offline/single player servers, and if not maybe only flyers that are not overweight, and the AI try's to take the most safest most easiest path possible, it was just an idea that popped in my head at the time and i guess a bit dumb and not thought through enough, but thank you for reading and taking notice! if I have any other ideas i will contact and think them through properly thank you
  3. Radio | New Features Dear ark Dev's can you add a feature for the radio, where 1) you can make channels to speak to individual people, and 2) where if you give one of your Dino's a radio, you can set a channel specified to that Dino, making it that if your really far away from your Dino, you can whistle for them to follow. Now I understand that it will be difficult being that there is collision with things such as rocks, trees, other entity's, and much more, and after thinking about this, I came up with an idea for that, a feature where there will be a timer on the right at the bottom of the players screen after whistling for the players Dino, via Radio, and the time will estimate how long it would actually take that Dino to make it to the player, maybe slower, maybe quicker, and when it gets to the player radius, it spawns in, making it as if it actually travelled all that way, but that's not it, there will also be a feature where the players Dino can pick up curtain item on the way, eg: cooking recipes, meat, silica pearls, stuff like that. I really hope you take my suggestion to thought, and consider, as I can't explain how amazed I would be to see that my idea got put into ark! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please enjoy the rest of your day! - JT - JT-Enderdragon - YT
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