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  1. Welcome to ARK BetaSkull ARK BetaSkull Thailand - Server NoMod CrossPlayer Epic =================================== BetaSkull/x1000/NOMOD/PVP/Shop,Kit - Wipe 2 Week Ragnarok : TheCenter : Genesis : =================================== BetaSkull/x20/PVPVE/NOMOD/Shop,Kit - Wipe AVG 2 Months Aberration : Extinction : Ragnarok : TheIsland : Valguero : 103.91.189.
  2. I am building a new server with a Ryzen 5950X on ASUS PRO WS X570-ACE motherboard which you will notice uses ECC RAM. Great for a server but not sure RAM PC vs RAM ECC which one is better for open ark server ? And need to use ECC RAM or not, if not i will use PC RAM it cheaper more ECC RAM. Thank
  3. [PVE Mode] Can't place any structures around loot crate in artifacts cave ?? , How it set it can place ? , Thank.
  4. limits turrets in range not working ?
  5. Can we set the recording time in the game to match the real time? , Can or Cant ?
  6. can you explain more i dont understand for how to setting this
  7. Why does the time in the game not match the real time on the server?
  8. I wonder how it looks at the time. Example as in the picture , Can you advise me ? thank [2020.10.16-10.58.26:431][628]Log file open, 10/16/20 17:58:26 - 2020.10.16 = I get this - 10.58.26:431 = I didn't get it while it mean - Log file open, 10/16/20 17:58:26 = I get this is my time zone in my server [2020.10.16-12.13.38:211][769]2020.10.16_12.13.38: Shuff1e. (Human): 1920 - 1920 = It mean i my time zone but 12.13.38 what it mean
  9. I found this , i will try it tomorrow thank. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/app-crash-with-ntdlldll/9aa59f80-99a1-4f3c-b2f0-7eb72df05b2a
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