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  1. What does RMT, DUPING and MESH mean with regard to players getting wiped. Also followed the link hoping it showed tribe names but it doesnt. I was curious only because there are a couple of guys on the server I play on who keep saying their entire base got wiped but they say they do not know why. So do you guys let them know when they violate COC or any of those other things noted above? I tried asking a player in game what duping meant and gave me crap for it. I know you guys have all your tech slang but some of us dont live in the world of tech and have no clue. Also regarding COC
  2. I often see posts relegated to XBOX, for example as xbox bugs, which is fact are things that Ive also note happen on my PS4 and on my PC. If we could add tags to other peoples posts I think it would help DEV understand the broader spectrum of an issue. If we can do this I do not see how. If we cant do it then please move question to forum feedback or forum suggestion or whatever DEV takes note of regarding forum suggestions.
  3. also note to the hall monitor THIS IS NOT an XBOX bug. this IS how it is on xbox and PS4. Not considered a bug by the dev team.
  4. after a week I was able to replace the well. Im not sure why this is set up this way. Ive resorted to building a metal building around my well to protect it now that I have it back in place. So far no more damage to well and no more having to constantly repair. Ditto for oil wells now. I like to keep my oil unlocked to share the oil --but dont want same issue. so instead I build a metal protective building around oil well and put a unlocked vault outside for anyone who comes by.
  5. It IS as simple as IF character_human == cryo pod in right hand THEN DO NOT PUNCH TAME POD TAME I know its all digital but some of us have empathatic systems. in my case I cringe and feel sick to my stomach EVERY time I go to pod a dino because Im afraid my stupid human does not have her hand far enough up the dino butt to keep from punching them. ANd even THAT fails 50% of the time. Its not fun. Its not funny. ANd if you want us to pod to keep the lag down STOP PUNCHING THE TAMES. its in your hands. As for moi, I am seriously considering NEVER using a pod again. My guess is that
  6. what i know is that these missions are crashing official servers and causing everyone to DC. in addition Ive seen in the chat box that people are completing missions and not getting credit for it. While others, as you noted, had credit only to have all their accomplishments reset to zero. the missions are just as rank as they were in gen1. meaning bad. pointless. Lot of players saying most missions are absolutely impossible to complete. IDK if that is a fact or not. Just what Ive read.
  7. Im still learning english chat lingo but increasingly find that the majority of players on NA servers speak only in spanish. I can make out some words but the abbreviations are what hang me up. what does F mean? and no they are not swearing. and if you know any other spanish chat lingo please share. Im sure Im not the only one who would like to be able to communicate more fully. and I am NOT one of those people who goes around telling ppl to speak english or leave. Culture is meant to be shared.
  8. chitin is defo a HUGE issue regardless if PVP or PVE. maybe try EU servers as the NA are all closed. that is what my bro and his wife had to do as EU is only place that has enough servers to go around. WC not interested in ppl getting to play in NA obvo.
  9. just started having this problem on crystal isle today. well was placed destroyed by sabertooth and now it shows green appears to snap and place but doesnt. I even demolished the building next to it even tho said building was there the 1st time I placed the well. Looks like the common denominator is the existing well being demolished by a predator then someone in the ark code is glitched so it cant be set down again.
  10. noobleta where he explains that the rocks change every day...every ship day after the ship goes into hyperdrive. he even notes the time. hope this helps also keep a look out for Phlinger Phoo. they both have THE best videos.
  11. never found black pearls myself but my sister in law found oil one time, black pearls another and I think element dust. All I ever see when I go out is same old blue crystal looking stone and all I get is stone. Or oil if the oil blobs are there. If there is dust Id like to see it. lol ty thanks for the video
  12. before I built my mini shack I placed down a well. had my bro break it when I left his tribe so I could set one down for my tribe. worked great. now a sabertooth has destroyed the well and Im trying to put down another one and getting no where. its green sounds like a snap but does not snap. I think this is related to the update that also makes the map fail in third person. so many old bugs seem to have returned. Im on crystal Isle and had hoped with all my heart and soul their gen3 updates would not bug out the rest of the maps. Not sure what to do about well. Also cant transfer from p
  13. got them to work once on single player but after I took them off could never get it to work properly. Not sure what I am doing wrong. ANyone know how to get them so its just your nerdry glasses showing? Ghillie leaves face covered. one of the other hats puts the glasses over the desert googles. not cool.
  14. the videos I watch say something different spawns every day. But not sure if that is game time or RL time. Its not a particular area where you get a particular item. all the rocks spawn random. At least that is what I saw. Did you watch Nooblets? he is usually pretty spot on.
  15. I only have one character and stupid me I had no idea that WC was going to make it impossible for me to get her out of GEN2. Now my base on crystal isle will dissolve along with all my dinos. If that happens I QUIT. Im not the only one of my friends completely locked out of the game due to the implementation of a server lock without warning. I have submitted a ticket but everyone says WC isnt going to care. Seriously have they done this to people with other DLCs? Ive only been playing a year. this took me completely by surprise and have to say Im pretty upset about it.
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