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  1. this might not be just an Xbox issue. I play on PS4 and PC (steam version). on PS4 I am able to delete normal or P+ without affecting the other. But with PC I noticed that when I have a saved game on normal there is a save icon on P+ maps even though I had not yet played them. Ive been afraid to delete them thinking it would do just what you are experiencing.
  2. dizeyner

    TLC 3

    you are not alone with regard to this question. I hope the lack of care means that the things we love about P+ will get rolled into the base game. P+ is rich in decor. Seems to me like it is double the work to have two versions of the game. Its always seemed odd to me that P+ has the best of everything while base ark with all its tek is sadly lacking with regard to building options etc. even kitchen items are better in P+ than base game. Maybe it gets ignored because there are less BIG tribes on P+? hope it does not just fade away with none of the cool stuff making it into base game.
  3. I lOvE this game. Are there things that are buggy? Yes. Are there things that need some lOvE. Yes? But is the game in general broken? Not at all. I am inspired to write this request to give some love by two things. !. GM Fury who made sure I knew Id been heard and the issue was on the list of things the devs are looking at. 2. some seriously-uncalled-for, nasty-mean-minded-ugly-verbage on the facebook page. If anyone thinks its okay to say cruel things such as the devs should kill themselves or deride them as being incompetent...all I can say it you do not deserve to play the game
  4. A week ago there were incredible mods from folks such as ECO that added a lot of creativity to the game. I went to the sponsored mods page today however, and NONE of the others is listed. Instead there are new ones whose focus is more like tek and seems not to offer any RP items such as flower pots and various textures for builds. DOes this mean the previous sponsored mods will no longer work with the base game? P+ is already a game crasher. I am hesistant to install those I was dreaming of using if they are no longer sanctioned by ARK.
  5. Ive loved Prim+ on PS4. it doesnt work on windows PC. THat being said I do not think it needs to be a separate game mode. I would like to see the beauty of Prim+ engrams all rolled into the regular game. FOr example I see no reason why P+ has many items that in reality would be more labor intensive than items in regular Ark would be. In addition while I dont like the tek engrams I DO love my tek dinos. Why not have the best of both worlds. If you dont like tek dont use it. Not only would I love to see the engrams rolled into regular, Id like to see MORE RP objects that until recently were
  6. Cant read what it is and game crashes for anything primitive. but I note that my PS4 doesnt have this extra custom map. Please see pic. its the item in the list under Crystal Isle. hope someone can let me know what it is supposed to be.. I think its some kind of error preventing primitive from working. IDK
  7. I would post this in the PC section however, when I want to create new topic it only offers me General discussion and one other which does not apply. so if this is in wrong place ... sorry. I purchased the base game and all went well (this time). Everything worked including primitive+. SO I went ahead and purchased the season pass so I could get all the DLCs. NONE works okay but PRIMITIVE+ either crashes on reload, or crashes right after character creation and clicking to go to the map. THis happened to me when I was playing on PS4 a few months ago and no idea how it ended up fixed. FOr
  8. I have a ticket for a game controller problem that I would like to close as the problem was with the controller and not the game. and even though we are asked to close tickets to help clear the high ticket volume there is no way to do it until someone from support opens the ticket and sends you a reply. Im not blind but I sure could not find a way to remove or mark it as solved either.
  9. On PS4 you hold down the map button to get this wheel where you can select lot of things including to go in or out of third person. FOr the PC every page says use "?". which I thought meant use ? however, doesnt work. SO maybe this means unknown? K is not for third person. thats for orbit camera which is horrible way to play game. Finding it really awkward to play on PC. first person is not the way I play its disorienting for me. And Im finding that attacking things is also not going so well. sometimes the pike hits and other times it does nothing. It might be because the laptop has a scrol
  10. I could not play the game via steam. it simply did not work. So I have the PC version from the microsoft store. I heard that the mods that are for PC users who use steam to play their game is going to get mods too. If that is correct do we know when and where could I watch for that?
  11. I have successfully paired the xbox carbon controller with my windows 10 gaming laptop. However, its not working with ARK even tho ARK supports these controllers. Is there something I need to activate to give over the game to the controller instead of the keyboard? I looked. I googled. Im stumped.
  12. had to reinstall my game after mind wiping my PS4. I own the whole shebang so it took a long time for the game and all the DLCs to download. 4 hours later and Im ready to hop into Primitive Plus only it wont switch game modes. was there something else I needed to "turn on". I dont remember having a problem with it when I bought everything a few months back. Ideas?
  13. I have just purchased ark for my PC after playing it for several months on my PS4. I got the microsoft store version because form some reason the game would not even load when purchased via steam. so good news it is open and ready to play but... I cant for the life of me get my gal walking properly like I have with other PC games. I turn the camera view and its like it orbits all over the place instead of just looking or helping me control what direction to walk in. Im also using a gaming laptop. therefore thinking a game controller might be just the ticket. GOogle and OMG Ive no ide
  14. this is not just happening to me but also to my brother and his wife who also play ark. game was okay yesterday as far as I know. I get an error message saying to download latest patch but when I check for updates it says I have the latest patch. my brother gets an error code as well but his tells him to restart the applicai\tion and turn off face recognition which he doesnt have. and to reinitialize his PS4 even tho no other games are having a problem. I did not last night when I tried to load ark it failed to load properly. I restarted and then it was fine. already tried that but its stil
  15. I’m not an expert on building things but I thought I would be smart and try what I was thinking in single player before trying it on live and risking all those resources. Alas I’ve not been able to recreate on live and idk why photo attaches shows what I practiced on single player. The difference is that I could not get pillars, on live servers, to snap in same place with or without fence foundations. is it not possible on live? Or?
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