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  1. Glass were fine before the update. hide the hat n show hair n glasses. just what I wanted. Otter Mask still works but Nerdry glasses do not. NEED glasses please.
  2. Ill stand by what I originally said. it is the game creator/owners responsibility to provide accurate information about their game to their users. Ive been around a LONG time and remember when manuals were included with the games we bought in brick and mortar. To say that "most" games no longer include this kind of resource is not an excuse to keep the status you believe exists. Fan based wikis are great. But should not be an excuse for any creator to pop out a game and oh well figure it out on your own. MOST games I play BTW DO have online game documentation. Some even publish books. I know b
  3. absolutely LOVE dodex and most if not all of the players I know use it NOT gamepedia. Its slick and it just works. On the phone and on the computer and no lame ads covering content. no pages that do not layout as expected. as a former web designer who worked on such things back in the day I very MUCH appreciate dododex. please give my regards to your entire team. Also, most of the players Ive been playing with have been with ark since its debut. They all swear by dodex. And to the fella that is complaining that not enough people help him with gamepedia...Gamepedia used to be my goto and
  4. so if I understand correctly. not only do you not mind the faq keepers making a buck for luring us there but you also want us to correct their mistakes?
  5. I had thought gamepedias claim to be the official survive the ark wiki to be true. However, gamepedia is now masking the site under fandom resulting in a lot of broken pages with big fat ads blocking the content. just one example of many where gamepedia is stripped out, no drop down for spawn map, and fat add blocking content. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Spawn_Map_(Crystal_Isles)
  6. Love leash. HATE that glaring red boundary that is just as unpleasant as leaving show feed trough boundary on. Please let us turn that off and on. the glaring red ruins the view of the base I worked so hard to build. Im okay with the blink on the tip of the spike.
  7. I play with my bro and his wife on primitive+ We cant figure out why he rides his mounts like a normal human being while we ladies have to stand like rigid fools. Kinda looks like wildcard thought it was important to fix things for the guys but not the gals.
  8. too many hard purples not enough soft muted tone/shade options. Also adobe would be great IF we had the option to paint both of the splotches on the walls the same color. While still keeping the adobe texture sans the splotchy pattern. Do not want that pattern to go away. Just an option to color is solid if we so choose. so splotchy as it is would be an option. Would also LOVE some additional wood options which can be had in the mods for the PC be standard for the PS4. Xbox, etc. Why on earth PC gets the most to play with?
  9. I understand what you are saying about clutter. Its already a clutter. However, its not pointless to want additional items. The engram tree would benefit from an overhaul in how things are viewed / searched for. it currently uses clickable options to distinguish between Island, scorched, and tek engrams. It could easily add a method for sorting by other than "level" be adding categories. Such as weapons, structures, cooking, crafting tables, boats, saddles, RP items etc. Your comment regarding what is pointless reminds me of the late 1990s. There was no internet in the way we experience i
  10. I would like to have more dye colors to choose from. ability to adjust the "tint" on dye. As this would let us have a lighter or darker shade. Would be fun if we would also "mix" colors. And or have a lot more options for painting the walls etc. Would like to have option for inside walls to look as nice as outside walls. I dont want to always see the underlying structure. Snapping two walls to different foundations works on the inside but then the outside wont match up in the corners. Maybe we need "corners" that arent pillars? or ability to stretch to fit? think stretch to fit probably rife
  11. Im not sure how adding engrams to the tree and more RP items would be detrimental to the game. Its something you would not be forced to learn if you did not want to use it. Same as my bro likes to use a sword and I like a shot gun. You can learn one and not have to learn the other. or at least that is how it should be. Maybe you have to learn to use wood before you can make a wooden table. but no one will force you to learn the table if you do not want to.
  12. Ive watched videos wherein the glass color was also tinted using paint. But when I try to paint glass greenhouse wall only the metal can be painted. Am I missing something or is this another one of those things were PC users have more advanced game play options than console users?
  13. this might not be just an Xbox issue. I play on PS4 and PC (steam version). on PS4 I am able to delete normal or P+ without affecting the other. But with PC I noticed that when I have a saved game on normal there is a save icon on P+ maps even though I had not yet played them. Ive been afraid to delete them thinking it would do just what you are experiencing.
  14. dizeyner

    TLC 3

    you are not alone with regard to this question. I hope the lack of care means that the things we love about P+ will get rolled into the base game. P+ is rich in decor. Seems to me like it is double the work to have two versions of the game. Its always seemed odd to me that P+ has the best of everything while base ark with all its tek is sadly lacking with regard to building options etc. even kitchen items are better in P+ than base game. Maybe it gets ignored because there are less BIG tribes on P+? hope it does not just fade away with none of the cool stuff making it into base game.
  15. I lOvE this game. Are there things that are buggy? Yes. Are there things that need some lOvE. Yes? But is the game in general broken? Not at all. I am inspired to write this request to give some love by two things. !. GM Fury who made sure I knew Id been heard and the issue was on the list of things the devs are looking at. 2. some seriously-uncalled-for, nasty-mean-minded-ugly-verbage on the facebook page. If anyone thinks its okay to say cruel things such as the devs should kill themselves or deride them as being incompetent...all I can say it you do not deserve to play the game
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