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  1. You are as ever Joe, true to form. Have a great weekend!
  2. maybe lost island will be the christmas event?
  3. Because transferring resources to the smithy, forge and other machines is very time consuming I have always been grateful for these dedi boxes and I keep them close to everything so I can grab, turn, deposit. BEFORE Dedi update I could: --get nearly 3 stacks of metal and shove it in the forge. Time consuming if you are a builder and need lots of metal. But not so bad I couldnt live with it. --get 7 stacks of crystal, turn and deposit it --get 14 stacks of stones AFTER Dedi update I can barely: --get 1 stack of metal and less than half of a second stack -- get 4 stacks of crysta
  4. wow that was super helpful info. none of which I had not seen before. none of which addressed my questions. But hey, E for Effort!
  5. ... do not love the blue text. its ugly. if you are not using the right panel WHY is it there. I found this confusing and thought the box was EMPTY. I had to go back and find out what happened. also as with the transmitters the storage numbers in the middle panel ALWAYS say ZERO even though there is a LOT of stuff in the dedi.
  6. im a little confused about this DLC. is it coming for PS4 as well as other platforms or not? and when is it going to be released? Id love to have some more info about it. Is it a prelude to Ark 2? no tek or tek? attached to gen2 maps or standalone?
  7. all true. Im so frustrated with element on CI that I think I will be just packing up and moving to Gen2. I mean its lame to have earned the right to use tek but not be able to use it because on CI its a real joke.
  8. posted about stryders not collecting element on crystal isle then discovered I had tried the wrong styder and the wrong dedi box. I came back to append my topic as I have seen other people having the same problem. It says the post was moved. but when I click on it to find out where it was moved I get a sorry you do not have access to this content. How do I find it? and or report a bug when content is moved and disapears?
  9. Cant find anything that suggests the stryder, which can harvest element on gen2, should not be able to harvest element on crystal isle. yet, can not harvest element nodes on crystal isle. can someone let me know if this is deliberate or a bug? if its deliberate please move this to game requests as it is NOT logical for it not to be able to harvest element anywhere. and if its a bug, please move to bug. thank you
  10. 4x taming 2X XP Limits on how many DINOS can be unpodded at one time. PLEASE Garage for to park skiff and stryders in (effect same as podding) less lag on server and not decay in 8 days. not that I ever miss a day. but soooooo many ppl seem to lose their skiffs and dunno where they left them. 4x bby to adult pls yes crsipr would be great lol limits on pillaring. as in not more than XXX beyond your base. Or better yet, weekly server wipe on pillars n ladders AND penalties for those who replace their removed pillars with extra foundations. seriously WC crack down. Hard. Please.
  11. when they first debut I had no problem taming or breeding. give em primal and it all good. a few months back I popped out a few bby wyverns, hatched a couple, NONE of them will eat anythng. Not primal not meat, not off the maewing. their health goes up which is odd as their food has continued to drop and some getting dangerously low. One of the bbys has exactly 100 pt left on its food while a juvenile dropped from 1200 to 225 in just one day. Is it some kinda dumb game? if they dont starve you got a grown wyvern? if they starve jokes on you? I put them up next to maewing after hearing th
  12. Im looking for a safe place where people can chat about the game without being made fun of by people in the forums often including volunteers and where we can talk about the abuse we get in game as well from men calling us Karen or VIrgin whenever we dont like the way we are being treated. Because this post will get pulled and I will get removed from the forum for being a woman and speaking out I will definitely address this suggestion to support. However, if anyone knows of such an ark group hoping you have time to let me know.
  13. this thread is so typical of how men treat women in the game. You think women are little dummies that need lengthy unnecessary explanations so that our little brains will "get it". When we express our dismay you launch personal attacks on our intelligence and make threats, kite our bases and go away feeling oh so superior. Its too bad no one is monitoring the so called hall monitors. tRump much boys?
  14. More verbage does not equate with smarter. Thus "Less is more". Fact.
  15. Google the term "mansplaining". Look that one up PUHleeeeeeeeeze. Lots of people could really improve communication by learning the value of "less is more". Cheers Survivor!
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