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  1. I can't find beehives even after the patch, has the bug really been fixed?
  2. I am playing CI and Gen:1 in unofficial server. Giant Bee spawned in the early days on both maps, but nowadays they don't spawn at all. I remember there was an update about the beehive not too long ago, but that might be the cause.
  3. Tusoteuthis' attack has become poop. They can't continue the attack because they turn to the back right away. Previously, if you attacked while moving, you turned backward after several attacks, but the range of judgment is wider than before This is only for me? I am playing in Genesis Ocean. and I'm worried because the game is often dropped immediately due to a timeout at that place sorry for poor English
  4. I just could logged in. Could everyone log in? I'm so scared I can't get close to floating isle
  5. Fertilized eggs of Tusouteutis should be ejected out of the body When mating Tusoteutis, fertilized eggs are produced in the parent's body. If hatched as it is, the child is born in the parent's body, and because of the correction in the previous patch, he does not wander immediately after he is born, so he will not move from there. I'm making a squid farm, but because of this specification, I have to put my parent's Tusoteutis into my cryopod every time.
  6. Dino through wall mesh in Ragnalok Sea https://imgur.com/XghVnF9 https://imgur.com/MYtgiYQ I play in Ragnalok. When finding mosasaur and tusoteuthis, I found they go through wall mesh into the wall. After that I have seen scene like this many times. I can't defeat them by any weapons and solutions. They stay in wall and cannot be defeated or erased
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