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  1. Inventory texture drop on PS4 crystal isles I know that this map is new for PS4 users but Im sure I'm not the only one who's knoticed this I'm on crystal isles and I finished making my base but now whenever I open up my personal inventory the ground and any surroundings near my players vicinity turns to a clay like texture and my Dino's become polygons and then turn to normal after a few minutes but it's repeatedly happening Everytime my inventory gets opened I don't know if it's on my end or it's because it's a new map but it doesn't happen on my scorched or the island or other free dlc ma
  2. Can't place down any signs Hi I play on PS4 and I'm playing on the center map and I wanted to place signs on my refrigerators tell me which one holds a specific type of egg but for some reason the game is telling me "Too Many 'wall sign' in area: 152 / 150" when I haven't placed down a single sign what's going on?
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