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  1. Lore Question for A Story Hey all! I'm currently working on a story, and was wondering how any of you may have approached this subject in your stories. While everything short of the respawn aspect was mentioned in all of the explorer notes/various lore, I was curious about the beacons. While I have a way to include them in my story should I choose to add them, I was wondering if anyone else had thought about adding them to their fanfiction stories? A basic look at my idea was that they were much more spaced out, and a little more uniform. Beacon colors would be minimized, and ea
  2. I enjoy your theories! I do hope this is the case, though I doubt Santiago will return, as Diana DID bury him. (in Diana's 8th explorer note from Extinction, at the end) she does make a comment about why the mysterious voice brought only Diana back and not Santiago, and the voice repeats sorry over and over again. Though otherwise your theories would make for a very interesting end! I'd really enjoy seeing it all.
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