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Lost Island Creature Voting Is Now Closed


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  1. The Prim+ and Survival Evolved server lists have been combined since the gen2 release. There is no way to filter to see which ones are prim. This is killing the prim servers because players cannot find them! Please make this a priority fix! There are a lot of game servers that are suffering because of this. This is not a minor bug that we can ignore. It will completely kill prim+.
  2. All is fixed now, thanks guys!
  3. You can spawn them in with admin codes
  4. Maewings can be spawned in but when you ride one, it crashes the server. The server must be restarted afterwards to come back online.
  5. Global chat is not working since the update.
  6. The server lists for both game modes are combined and there is no way to tell which is which. Also THANK YOU for finally fixing prim+
  7. The server lists for both game modes are combined and there is no way to tell which is which. Also THANK YOU for finally fixing prim+
  8. Containers are no longer able to be pin coded. This has been an issue for about 3 months now.
  9. Since two updates ago, I haven’t been able to access the inventory of tek generators or beehives. Apparently that the same bug happened on pc mods at the same time, but was fixed by the last update. Prim is still experiencing this bug. Please fix soon, the beehives mean no honey or beeswax on my server which translates to many more problems, not to mention the non-working tek generator, which then won’t allow the use of any tek that needs power. The other bugs are annoying but this is kind of a game-breaker.
  10. Since the 15g update in August, the combo of prim+ and Crystal Isles have had many issues. The biggest one being that all crystal wyverns and blood wyverns are invisible. Another issue is not being able to equip primal crystal in the hot bar. The other issues are textural, with lava having no texture, and the floating orbs no longer having texture and looking like a blank png. Please also consider giving Prim+ some tlc, there are many long term issues like broken character creation and female dino riding glitch. I know you guys have limited time and resources but please consider fix
  11. This is still an issue! Please fix this! It’s been almost a month now with no crystal/blood wyverns and broken textures
  12. Primitive plus no longer able to place exclusive items like tanning, lumber, construction, or beds since May 19, 2020 update. Please fix!!
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