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  1. As of the last update we can longer make secret cooking items in the cooking station. As tomatoes, lettece, ect will no longer be placed inside station
  2. We need it to be made into a mode and maintenance done by the devs thousands of us play prim plus and love it Cedric. We're just tired of getting hosed. Yes I own an unofficial cluster for prim plus. It would be awesome not to have to find all the work around to keep player happy when issues arise.
  3. Issues with p+ since crystal isles released on xbox: Crystal Wyverns disappeared Meat shed and sink gone from engrams Some engrams aren't unlocking Can't paint some brick structures I have a cluster with almost 50 constant players( and recruiting more as alot of people like it over the survival evolved) we would like to see us get some TLC please. Would love to have the events also. We paid the same as others for the game and DLCs. @Cedric @Ark Aps not working when writing get stuck in the mail screen
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