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  1. Bump. We were previously on Scorched Earth but we changed to Ragnarok, to hopefully get a more steady player base. We also removed the Egyptian theme.
  2. Those Left Behind RP Platform: Xbox Map: Ragnarok Info: Our server is Roleplay focused and is not focused on PvP, although we do have some PvP that is incorporated into Roleplay. Additional Info: - 40 min days and 30 min nights - ORP Enable - All stacks x10 - No collision - 9x Harvest - 12x Xp gain - 3x egg hatch speed - 3.5x mature rate - 4x crop growth - Disabled metal structures, guns, etc - Removed unrealistic/overpowered dinos - Slightly boosted player stats -We will also have various types of events and other things including "Dark Zones", "Gold Zones", and much more! Join discord below! Discord Link ^^
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