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  1. Bump - Still Just 4 days in with a growing community - upcoming events this weekend!!
  2. SEASON 4 STARTING SOON - JOIN #VENOMGAMING FOR PS4 UNNOFICIAL PC DEDICATED SERVER SEASON 3 STARTED 27/05/2020! JOIN/SEARCH #VENOM DISCORD: https://discord.gg/KA4GEDE Tired of looking for a server that doesn't wipe unnecessarily or shutdown? Looking for the right boosted dino/player stats? Want a server with enough maps to build/adventure on!? No admin abuse or biased bullsh*t? (we can provide proof of admin logs/commands from our servers) At #Venom we are a medium sized privately owned cluster with an ongoing informative discord for a mature community The only admins are the owners who have worked together for 3 seasons fluently and many more to come! SEASON 3 SETTINGS Season 3 Player/Dino Stats **Player** Health = 20 Per Lv Stam = 25 Per Lv Melee = 10 Per Lv Oxygen = 150 Per Lv Food/Water = Vanilla (Drain will be decreased) Weight = 5000 Per Lv Movement Speed = 2.5% Per Lv Crafting Skill = 20% Per Lv Fortitude = 5 Per Lv **Dino** Health = 2 x Official Melee = 1.5x Official Stam = 1.5x Official Oxygen = 1.5x Official Food/Water = Vanilla (Drain will be decreased) Weight = 5000 Per Lv Speed = 1.5x Official Flyer Speed = 150% **NOTE** You can use an Oviraptor egg to increase your tames movement speed by an extra 15% Crafting Costs Consumables: **All Kibble** = 10 MejoBerries **Shadow Steak** = 1 Raw Prime Meat + 10 Azulberries **Med Brews** = 1 Narcotic + 10 Tintoberries **Beer** = 10 Amarberries **MindWipe** = 5 Raw Mutton **Broth Of Enlightenment** = 5 Carrot + 2 Black Pearls + More! Resources: Sparkpowder = 1 Flint + 1 Stone Narcotics = 1 Nacoberry + 1 Spoiled Meat Cementing Paste = 2 Chitin + 2 Stone Only The Following Items Will Be Made EzCraft: Bola - 10 stone ea Stone/Tranq Arrows - 1 narco berry + 1 stone arrow Grapples - 2 ingots + 5 fiber Whips - 25 wood + 25 Fiber SpyGlasses - 10 Hide + 10 Wood Certain Tek Items To Help Small Tribes Season 3 Shop Currency - Black Pearls Season 3 Mods Stack Mods Boosted - Supply/Cave/Boss Drops & Beaver Dams Easter Event Abb + Ext Dinos
  3. JOIN REVOLTGAMING REVOLTGAMING50X HI EVERYONE! MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE OPENED A GREAT BALANCED 50X CLUSTER WITH 5 MAPS ON PS4 UNOFFICIAL NITRADO RUN DEDICATED SERVERS FOR LIKE MINDED MATURE PLAYERS FROM NA/CAD/NZ/AUS. WE ARE CURRENTLY JUST ONE WEEK INTO THE SEASON WHICH DEPENDING ON THE COMMUNITY MAY GO LONGER THAN THE ORIGINAL 4 WEEKS. NEXT SEASON HAS BEEN CONFIRMED WITH 7 MAPS ALL WITH EXPANDED SLOTS (50-20) THANKS TO OUR GREAT COMMUNITY! WE ARE COMMUNITY ORIENTATED AND ARE AIMING TO BE THE NEXT META FOR PS4 JUST SEARCH REVOLT IN THE SEARCH BAR THE CURRENT SEASON INCLUDES GREAT FEATURES SUCH AS: 175x Maturation 50x Harvesting EzCraft Shop/Events Boosted Beaver Dams, Boss Drops, Supply Drops, Cave/Underwater Drops, Alpha Drops Balanced Dino/Player Stats Balanced Turret Damage Constant Inclusion Of As Many Community Recommendations As Possible (such as max tribe limit, season length, maps, settings/stats/drops) Weekly/Seasonal Events such as Base Raids, Hunger Games, Pirate Wars, Dino Races, Max Wild Dino Spawns, Giveaways AND MORE Active And Informative Discord (Including Pokecord Ofcourse) Max Level 150 Max Tribe Limit 8 Max Alliances 1 Current Total Slots (150) NEXT SEASON CLUSTER SIZE: 2 X 50 SLOTS 1 X 42 SLOT 1 X 32 SLOT 3 X 20 SLOTS Average Total of 235 Slots NEXT SEASON PLANS: -We intend on having either a 50x and or a 20x cluster for next season with similar settings, principles but with more improvements as per usual! -0 Admin Abuse (All admins are owners who work hard to building the servers, not ruining them..) Server Owners Are All Over 24 Like Minded, Well Educated And Communicate Clearly. To Avoid Any Conflict We Restrict Our Interactions With The Community In Game To - Events, Shop And Server Maintenance. Join Our Discord And Message Me Directly If You Have Any Questions: Otherwise I Hope To See You All There! https://discord.gg/YWjPTcM
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