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  1. Really dissapointed with the winner, definitely wasn't expecting another slow sauropod.
  2. Honestly that looks bad in comparison to the original idea, I wanted this to win but I'm dissapointed at how it looks.
  3. People are so demanding, do you guys not realise that the unreal 5 update is them fixing the game, you guys need to calm down a bit.
  4. I knew they were doing the characters, just wasn't sure about the dinos, im glad they are though.
  5. Will you be upgrading the dinosaurs too? It would look a bit silly if the scenery is beautiful but the dinosaurs are the same from unreal 4.
  6. Buddy its been 2 and a half years, if you haven't got one yet that isn't wildcards problem, you're lucky that devs have been supporting last gen for this long.
  7. Speed, strength, pack buff, orca would be a great edition to the sea, a legit whale that looks cool and could aid you on your travels in the sea
  8. So many supporters of murdering the innocent, its utterly insane, keep your psychotic views out of your game please, murdering babies is disgusting.
  9. I hope the riding the tail thing doesn't look too silly, im not keen on that idea at all.
  10. We need a full feathered bird not bald heads
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