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  1. Cool, you have a different server on which the ARK server starts up faster. That doesn't excuse the poorly written dedicated server executable. Anything else I host takes mere seconds to start. I stand corrected. There seems to be an issue with arkmanager as it doesn't detect that version. Had to manually force it. It is now running 310.111.
  2. Even the standard installation without any mods takes ~10 minutes to start. And by that I mean the time until the server responds to requests on it's ports via HLSW / monitoring software and people can actually connect to it. The server is quite beefy: But when your dedicated server has no proper multicore support ? Nope, still on 310.68. And no news on my ticket.
  3. I guess so. They're just playing dead on all channels. And from what I've seen the majority are hosting ARK servers on Windows. I can't blame them though. The ARK Linux dedicated server is the worst I've ever hosted.
  4. No update on my ticket. No reaction via Twitter either. But: I saw that at least the available version was bumped up. At the time that I initially opened this post the server build version was 5036335. Now it is 5057242. The current server version should be 310.94 but it's still identifying itself as 310.68. Here's my new theory: They did push the last few updates to Steam for Linux dedicated servers but forgot to bump the version number up in the executable. I case you want to check for yourself what the latest version is: Look out for the buildid. If you run
  5. Well, I raised a support ticket 19 hours ago since I got no response to this forum post. No response on that either so far. I just checked https://ark-servers.net/ for Linux servers running 310.76 or 310.90. Not a single one listed. All Linux servers are running 310.68 or older. I guess there isn't much we can do on our end.
  6. ARK server updates 310.76 and 310.90 not available on Linux servers? I'm running a linux dedicated ARK server. Today a few players reported troubles connecting to the server due to outdated mods on the server. I double checked and all mods were up to date. Same for the server version being offered through Steam. While checking this I noticed that the latest two released server updates 310.76 and 310.90 were not installed and are still not available to this point. The server is still running on 310.68. Anyone else seeing this?
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