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  1. Hi @Omerandersom. The discord link is in the message of the day that shows when you join one of the servers on the cluster. Starter is found in the white drops (without ring) on Ragnarok, Island, Center & Valguero. They have some decent tools, chance for xbow, some med brews and a few cryopods, nothing OP. There is no admin shop as this is not a pay-to-win cluster. So buying dinos would be an in game trade you would do with another player.
  2. This cluster launched Friday evening 5/15/2020 & is a long term no wipe cluster. The cluster includes Ragnarok, Center, Island, Valguero, Aberration, Genesis & Extinction. 5x XP 10x Harvest 50x Taming Admin logging enabled- you will see in global chat if a command is used for anything. Alcon_Ark_GM is the only admin and doesn't abuse it. Max levels: Wild (195), Wild Tek Variants (234), Wyvern/Drake Eggs (247) 10x stack size with increased stack on prime meat, prime fish meat, mutton & honey 2x spoil timer Increased structure pickup Increased upload timer on items(2 days), dinos(3 days) & players(4 days) Reduced respawn timer 5man small tribes with alliances disabled Only 1 point needed in player & dino weight Player level is 105, can go to 110 with Chibi, additional 5/10/15 (gamma/beta/alpha) levels for Rockwell boss ascension on Aberration. Player stats are nicely boosted (nothing crazy, except for weight) Tamed speed/weight/stamina slightly increased Wild health is 10% higher than official Tamed flyer speed on pteranodon/tapejara/griffin/quetzal/owl slightly increased Starter is in regular (non-ringed) white drops on Ragnarok, Island, Center & Valguero (includes element dust), not the drops in chalk hills or ragnarok desert but in other parts of the map. Includes metal tools, xbow, 10 tranq arrows, 3 cryopods, some medbrew and a pteranodon saddle. Reduced crafting for unstable element to 500 dust Custom beaver dam loot includes variety of cementing paste, element dust, lazarus chowder, broth of enlightenment, a few basic kibble and a few regular kibble. Reduced crafting on expensive items. Exception is the grinder which costs the default amount and the tek cloning chamber which costs a little more than default. Turret ammo: 1 gunpowder, 1 ingot. Simple rifle: 2 gunpowder, 2 ingot. Shotgun ammo: 3 gunpowder, 3 ingot. Sniper ammo: 4 gunpowder, 4ingot. Removed sap/gem requirement for metal cliff, also has reduced metal requirement. Industrial forge costs 1200 ingot instead of 2500. Behemoth metal gate and frame each cost 800 ingot and 400 paste, no poly requirement. Reduced/easier crafting on some consumables and resources: Narcotic is 10 narcoberry only. Medbrew is 1 tintoberry & 1 narcoberry. Sparkpowder is 1 flint, 1 stone. Hard polymer is 1 ingot, 1 cementing paste. Gasoline is 3 oil, 3 hide. Enough engram points to learn everything Extinction, Genesis & Aberration engrams auto unlock at their appropriate levels so if you don't have those maps you can still have the engrams Tek replicator/dedicated storage unlock at lvl 50 Tek transmitter unlocks at lvl 70 Tek generator unlocks at lvl 90 All other tek will unlock with bosses 3x loot quality 3x fish loot quality Reduced mating interval 60x maturation with reduced egg incubation times- cuddle interval is adjusted so most dinos (except small like dodos) can be 100% imprinted Charge batteries last 2x longer than official 2x turret damage to dinos 50% increase in structure resistance Slower fuel consumption Friendly fire enabled Cave damage reduced from 6x to 2x Rules: no artifact blocking and no meshing Discord link is in the message of the day when you join the server. Server name is: Alcon Cluster 5xXP/10xHarvest/50xTame/FastBreed/Starter
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